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École de Travaux Publics (Public Works School)

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ESITC (Higher school of civil engineering) in Caen:
A school for developing talent in the dynamic field of construction and public works.
A specific research laboratory « Materials and Environment »

The school opened in 1993 offering its first two courses. The ESITC (Higher school of civil engineering), a member of the UGEI (Union of Independent Grandes Écoles), is a private further education institution approved by the CTI (Engineering Titles Commission) and by the State. ESITC dispenses 5-year general engineering training programmes in the Construction and Public Works field.
Punctuated by long periods of work experience (1/3 of time for engineering students and 1/2 for apprentices), the solid general, scientific and technological training dispensed over the first 4 years provides an essential foundation for developing careers in the construction and public works sector.
Small student numbers, continuous assessment, alternating professional and permanent teaching staff, extensive periods working on a variety of projects and case studies are among the many advantages of the school's training programmes focusing in particular on life skills and personal development. The last year of the engineering cycle provides specific in-depth training on the latest in engineering techniques. After a core curriculum in management and entrepreneurship, there are two possible options (Public Works and Construction) leading to four « personalised itineraries »:
- Territorial Planning and Urban Development
- Civil Engineering and Sensitive Environments
- Major International Works
- Property Engineering and Rehabilitation
Students are regularly encouraged to take on responsibility and are offered the possibility to obtain joint diplomas with foreign universities or with the university of Caen [Masters Degree or DEA (post graduate training), possibly followed by a thesis in the school laboratory], hence leading to a number of opportunities and allowing the majority of graduates to find employment as soon as they leave the school (in SMEs, national or international companies) as works engineers, product design engineers, methods, business, laboratory, security and quality engineers... Many of them aspire to unit management (construction site, agency or business), control expertise, project management or research.
Created late 1993 and inaugurated in January 1994, the ESITC's research laboratory conducts research in the field of « Materials and Environment »
The research team's activity focuses on several themes:
- Improving the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete according to specific usage; recycling construction materials
and studying new cement and composite materials; environmental geotechnics.
Research activities are developed according to the following aims:
- Increasing student awareness of technological innovation
- Establishing links with businesses within the framework of projects involving either innovation or applied research
- Contributing to research in the field of civil engineering and, in particular, on construction materials, through research work
conducted in partnership with university laboratories (in Caen and Le Havre), by permanent researchers and thesis
students or trainees (DEA or engineering).

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