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A border and conterminous region

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A 470km maritime coastline overlooking the world's busiest waterway
Close to European capitals (Brussels, London and Paris) and considerable market opportunities: 90 million consumers within a radius of 500km
Central location between the Paris basin and the Great West

Thanks to Normandy's advantageous geographical location, the region can legitimately claim to be a champion in terms of European and international exposure.

Within north-western Europe, where the highest population, activity and development densities are observed, Normandy is in a central location between the two most important metropolitan regions: Paris and London.

The advantages of such a strong geographical position are increasingly exploited by its transport network.

Following the opening of the A84 estuaries motorway and the A28 linking Le Mans and Rouen via Alençon, the motorway network will soon be complete with the opening of the A88 linking Caen and Alençon before 2010. The Alençon region is proving to be a strategic site for the development of major logistics operators.

The region has four commercial ports including Cherbourg and Caen (ports of national interest) both providing cross channel ferry links to Great Britain.

Normandy also benefits from two direct rail links with Paris: Paris-Granville and Paris-Caen-Cherbourg. Alençon is linked to the Le Mans TGV (high speed train) link (only 1 hour from Paris).

Finally, the region is also a strategic location for freight transport. The Paris basin eastern bypass is rapidly becoming saturated, with the western route which crosses Normandy emerging as an interesting and efficient alternative.

The region's airport strategy involves developing more efficient links with major hubs such as Roissy and London, providing a multitude of international connections. Normandy's three airports are: Caen-Carpiquet, Deauville St-Gatien and Cherbourg-Maupertuis.

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