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A closer look at golfing in Normandy

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Normandy, a golfer's paradise...
International recognition, with a nomination as one of the five best golfing destinations on earth
Their greatest asset: their great diversity
25 golf courses in prestigious locations, on the seafront or sheltered in the heart of the region's valleys

Open spaces where sport, leisure and walking are somewhat « spoilt » by that little white ball, golf courses are also magnificently verdant and calm parks, full of colour and in the heart of Normandy's departments whose great diversity contributes to Normandy's environmental and recreational wealth. Each course is a verdant voyage through fine lawns exposing every hue of green, a vast variety of tree and plant species, lakes and ponds, rivers and breathtaking panoramas. From the suspended fairways of the Omaha cliff tops, golfers revel in striking views of the omnipresent sea growling beneath the dunes of Granville, Cabourg and Coutainville. In the countryside and forests, the fairways meander among the trees and hedgerows, occasionally undulating alongside lakes and ponds. All around, there is calm, beauty and serenity, guaranteeing both ambience and thrills, from dawn to dusk.

- Amirauté Golf in Tourgeville: created in 1991 by the architect, Bill Baker; 27 holes, 6,055m, 7 ponds...
- Houlgate Golf Course: created in 1980 by the architects Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas ; 18 holes; 5,480m
- Caen Golf Course: crated in 1990 by the architect F. Hawtree; 27 holes; 6,155m
- Deauville Barrière Golf Course: created in 1929 by the architects T. Simpson and H. Cotton; 27 holes; 5,951m
- St Julien Barrière Golf Course: created in 1989 by the architects B. Baker and A. Prat; 27 holes; 6,035m
- Cabourg - Le Hôme Golf Course: created in 1907 by the architects L. Jackson and O. Brizon (in 1985); 18 holes; 5,234m,
soon to be extended to 5,500m
- Clécy Golf Course: created in 1991 by the architect B. Baker; 18 holes; Camois course 6,078m; Cabri course 5,831 m
- Deauville-St Gatien Golf Course: created in 1988 by the architect O. Brizon; 27 holes; 6,171m
- Garcelles-Secqueville Golf Course: created in 1989 by the architect Y. Bureau; 18 holes; 5,708m
- Cabourg public Golf Course (9 holes)
- Omaha Beach Golf Course: created in 1986 by the architect Y. Bureau; 36 holes ; 6,216m
- Vire - La Dathée Golf Course: created in 1994 by the architect Y. Bureau; 18 holes ; 5,416m
- Bréhal Golf Course: 9 holes
- Centre Manche - St Martin-d’Aubigny Golf Course: created in 1986 by the architect Y. Folliot; 9 holes; 5,200m
- Granville Mont-Saint-Michel Bay – Bréville-sur-Mer Golf Course: created in 1912 by the architects Colt and Alison; 27 holes; 5,834m
- Fontenay-sur-Mer Golf Course: created in 1973 by the architect Y. Bureau; 9 holes (18 holes in 2009-2010); 5,960m
- Cherbourg – La Glacerie Golf Course: created in 1973 by the architect J. Bourret; 9 holes; 5,780m
- Coutainville Golf Course: created in 1919 by the architect J. Saint-Cricq; 18 holes; 5,045m - Côte des Isles –
St Jean-de-la-Rivière Golf Course: created in 1990 by the architect D. Fruchet; 12 holes (soon to be extended to 18); 2,377m
- Golf Compact - Saint-Lô : 6 trous ; architect, Y. Bureau ; 54 et 87 m
- Bagnoles de l'Orne Golf Course: created in 1925 by the architect A. J. Becker; 9 holes; 2,401m
- Bellême Golf Course: created in 1990 by the architect E. Vialatel; 18 holes; 5,935m
- Flers – Le Houlme Golf Course: created in 1992; 9 holes ; 2,210m
- Golf d'Alençon - Arçonnay : created in 1994 by the architect, A. Dubouexic ; 9 holes ; 2 950 m (project for a further 9 holes)
- Golf rustique de la Bichonnière - Mieuxcé : 6 holes ; 1 800 m

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