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A closer look at the horse industry in Normandy

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Normandy – land of horses!
2 National stud farms, 8,855 horses bred
7,569 jobs
267 riding and pony clubs
31 race courses, 2 250 equestrian events in 2007
Yearling sales in Deauville

Indisputable leaders in French horse breeding (around 20% of broodmares and 40% of thoroughbred covering), Normandy's breeders provide quality horses: half of France's horse racing and competition winners are born, bred and trained in Normandy.
Thoroughbreds, trotters, sport and leisure mounts, ponies and donkeys are an integral part of the Normandy landscape.
A regional speciality: race horses (trotters and gallopers). A few local heavy races: the Normandy Cob and the Percheron (used for relaxation and leisure); donkeys (the Norman donkey and the Cotentin donkey easily recognisable with its Saint Andrews cross).

A few figures on breeding:
7,342 horses bred including:
2,438 breeding trotters, 2,310 Selle Français and 1,775 thoroughbreds.
995 stallions resident in Normandy
10,832 births in 2007
7,569 jobs generated by the horse industry including: 4,499 in breeding, 1,013 in race horse training, 353 in riding centres and 736 in associated businesses.
A few figures on equestrian activities:
267 riding and pony clubs
17,000 club members and 330 professional horsemen and women
2,250 equestrian events took place in 2007
31 race courses
63 equestrian tourist centres
497 race horse trainers
183 race meetings organised in 2007
The horse industry makes constructive use of 171,946 hectares of Normandy's agricultural land.

Land of horse breeding, Normandy is home to two prestigious national stud farms in Saint-Lô (Manche) and the Haras du Pin (Orne), founded in 1715 and classified as a listed building. It is also home to thoroughbred horse sales. Each year, Deauville organises its famous Yearling sales.
Normandy's beaches are also a departure point for horse races. The very first trotting race was held on Collignon beach in Cherbourg in 1836. The following summer, the race took place on the Prairie race course in Caen.
Normandy is also home to many associated businesses serving quality equine breeding: IMV (insemination), together with France's 3 leading horse van manufacturers, also in top position in the European market for horse transport vehicles.

Normandy: « Horse industry competitiveness cluster » The region also provides the horse industry with premium infrastructures: The Insitut Pathologique du Cheval (Horse Pathology Institute) in Dozulé-Goustranville which hosts the CIRALE (Centre for imaging and research into equine locomotor disorders) and the AFSSA (French Agency for Food Safety) the Franck Duncombe departmental laboratory, two national stud farms, the breeding training centre and the France Galop training centre.

  • Hippodrome de Cabourg
  • Haras du Pin
  • Course d'attelage à trois chevaux
  • Démonstration équine au Salon du cheval
  • Van et remorque