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A closer look at the Normandy Polytechnicum

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Association of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie and the Caen and Le Havre Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Normandy Management School)

Aimed at reinforcing mechanisms in teaching, quest for economy, business and management

- a body initiating shared resources and development to serve higher education and research in Economics, Business and
- 2003: creation upon the initiative of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie and the Caen and Le Havre Chambers of
Commerce and Industry
- 2006: a partnership-based policy enables the Normandy Polytechnicum to associate organisations such as training or
economic development institutions. Hence, bodies such as Écofic, the FIM group and Normandie Incubation are involved in
Poytechnicum projects.
- Vocation: transfer, among member institutions, of knowledge and experience, together with pooling of action and
development of foundation projects

MEMBERS – THEIR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ORGANISATIONS: Caen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Le Havre Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Normandy Management School and Caen University: IAE (Caen Institute of Business Administration) - IUP (Professional University Institute) in Banking and Insurance; University department of Economic Science and Management

THE INGÉNIUM TRAINING PROGRAMME: A genuine pedagogical engineering and coaching programme serving teaching units in their electronic learning development, Ingénium creates new training systems, in particular via a digital knowledge base and an e-Learning platform. Ingénium's activity focuses on:
- the creation, development and management of training systems
- the personalisation of training curricula
- the creation of training programme contents, in partnership with training unit teaching staff
- the circulation of such contents among initial and continued education and training students

- Opening exchange gateways for Master 2 students throughout the Polytechnicum's training institutions: an optional year
between Master 1 and Master 2 level or a double diploma year in one of the Master 2 options – 24 Masters' programmes
open to exchange for the 2007/2008 university year.
- facilitating synergies between teaching staff and training institutions: a zone dedicated to permanent teaching staff
(permanent teaching staff mapping throughout member training institutions) - a zone dedicated to visiting teaching staff
(list of all foreign teachers present throughout member institutions)

Research activities reunite lecturer-researchers from the Normandy Polytechnicum's different teaching units.
Generating synergy among research teams based on 3 major themes: Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Organisations, Strategy and Governance - Consumption, Young Populations and Communities
Federating the resources available throughout Normandy's institutions in the field of management research to:
Ensure research legitimacy and exposure on a regional, national and international scale – mutual inter-establishment enrichment
Within this framework, a partnership agreement was signed between the University Paris-Dauphine, its ÉDOGEST Doctoral School and the Normandy Polytechnicum.

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