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Agrifood industry: Research & Development

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Agrifood industry: Normandy's 1st employer
A structured research hub supporting innovation and adding value to animal, vegetable and marine produce.
Recovery and development of waste, by-products and co-products

Twenty-two percent of Normandy's industrial jobs are in the agrifood sector. Normandy's agrifood industry essentially focuses on the processing of locally produced raw materials (milk and meat).
Specific efforts are to be encouraged in the field of innovation, technology transfer and the promotion of products generated from these activities.

The aim of the ISBIO (Superior Institute of Biology and technology transfer towards agro-BIOindustries) is to federate, within a unique research centre, the University of Caen's skill and expertise in the field of agro-bio-industry. A genuine gateway between fundamental and applied research, ISBIO's research department is part of the IBFA (Institute of Fundamental and Applied Biology) and reunites:
6 university teams all of them endorsed by the French Ministry for Research: Marine Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory (LBBM), Food Microbiology Laboratory (LMA), Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (LME), Physicochemistry and Biotechnology Research Team (ERPCB), Plant Ecophysiology, Agronomy and Nutrition Laboratory N.C.S. (EVA); Oestrogen and Reproduction Laboratory (LOR), and it shares collective facilities and equipment over 5 technical platforms.
Public partners:
IIFREMER, INRA, INTECHMER, ADRIA Normandie, AFSSA, together with establishments under the aegis of the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry are all ISBIO's leading partners. They are reunited in the form of the CRAB (Regional Agro-BIOindustry Committee). According to their specific fields of competence, ISBIO teams work in close partnership with regional Ministry for Research, Environment and Agriculture offices.
Private partners:
ISBIO nurtures excellent relationships with many of the region's industrial players.

A technical consultancy and partner for the region's agrifood industry to ensure an excellent command of quality and innovation.
The association accompanies and coaches agrifood businesses that produce, prepare (outside caterers), distribute (super/hypermarkets) seafood, dairy products, cider-based products, convenience foods (refrigerated or frozen) and processed vegetables. It mobilises the specialised skills of its members to offer services in the fields of: food product safety and quality, sensory assessment, technological consultancy and assistance, research and innovation, scientific, technical and regulatory watch.

Lyven (subsidiary of the Soufflet group) in Colombelles (50 salaried workers) : The company specialises in the production of enzymes obtained by "solid medium" fermentation to facilitate the production of foodstuffs: productivity, quality, appearance. These enzymes are used in a number of fields: Fruits juices, oenology, bakery, brewing, pet foods… The company devotes 6 to 8% of its turnover to microbiology related R&D.
Nestlé Clinical Nutrition France in Creully (150 salaried workers) : Specialised in clinical nutrition (oral nutrition for malnourished or inappetent patients).
Syntheval in Caen (11 salaried workers) : Specialising in synthetic organic chemistry. Thanks to its modern analytical equipment, Syntheval can guarantee the quality of its production. Its priority activity sectors are as follows: chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetology, perfumery and agrochemistry.
Laboratoires Standa in Caen (26 salaried workers) : develop and market products aimed at maintaining the original quality of food produce (ATCO and SANICO product ranges), together with the command of dairy product fermentation (PAL range).

  • Laboratoires STANDA à Caen
  • Laboratoires STANDA à Caen
  • Bâtiment Adria Normandie
  • Bâtiment Adria Normandie