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Airports: Cherbourg – Maupertus

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7,801 commercial passengers in 2009

A regular service to Paris Orly

Charters to sunkissed destinations, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, Crete, Malta, Senegal, Turkey…

Charters to , Cyprus, Marrakech, Croatia...

Cherbourg-Maupertus airport is located 11km to the east of Cherbourg-Octeville at the terminus of the future A13 motorway (currently the RN13 dual carriageway).
The airport is due to be transferred to the Manche Departmental Council, but will remain under the management of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

16 charter flights from Cherbourg-Maupertus, welcoming onboard a total of 4,704 passengers in 2008. Departures from Cherbourg-Mautpertus enabled 11 countries to be visited, essentially in the Mediterranean basin, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Croatia, Bulgaria, Crete, Cyprus… however, the great novelty is the addition of long-haul destinations such as Senegal for which there are now 3 flight options. The 2009 calendar includes a total of 23 destinations, from March to November.


Runway: concrete paved Otan-type runway measuring 2,440 metres and capable of welcoming all medium-haul flights.

Car park: 180 free spaces


Opening hours:
- from 8.30am to 7.30pm from Monday to Friday
- from 9am to 7pm on Saturdays opening hours on Sundays and public holidays available


In 2009, the airport welcomed 33,898 passengers including 7,8019 travelling on commercial flights.

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