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Automotive industry (general information)

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The economy's flagship
Normandy is one of France's six thriving automotive industry regions.
Well established motor vehicle equipment manufacturer sector
MOV'EO, a competitiveness cluster with an international vocation


Manufacture of electric components for engines and vehicles, automobile or industrial vehicle construction, coach-building, caravan and leisure vehicle construction, textile industry, chemical industry, plastics, rubber and composites, metalwork, electricity, electronics, car seat manufacture, services for industry and transport.
Each and every one of these areas of competence is present in Normandy.


The motor industry employs 30,000 salaried workers throughout Normandy in over 300 companies (12,500 workers in the heart of the industry).
In 2005, 87 businesses reuniting 11,034 employees of whom 17% are women.
75% of businesses in the motor industry are small to medium-sized companies: 26 with under 250 employees and 30% with between 20 and 49 employees
25% of companies represent 87% of the industry's employment.

TWO MANUFACTURERS : 50% of the heart of the industry's employment (including temporary staff)

The industry is structured around two manufacturing sites situated on the outskirts of Caen:
2,500 salaried workers (3,600 including temporary workers and on site equipment manufacturers) are employed by Renault Trucks in Blainville-sur-Orne and 1,760 (+ 200 temps) by the PSA group in Cormelles-le-Royal.


The motor industry generates as much employment among its suppliers as within its own companies. The proximity of prime manufacturers is always one of the bases for the motor industry's development. Major motor equipment manufacturers are present, in particular, in the Caen and Flers employment market areas: Faurecia (Flers, 2,200 salaried employees), Honeywell Friction Materials (Condé-sur-Noireau, 375 salaried workers), ThyssenKrupp Sofedit (Le Theil, 1,000 salaried employees), Robert Bosch Automotive Electronics (Mondeville, 983 salaried employees), SC2N (Mondeville, 465 salaried workers), Magneti-Marelli (Argentan, 310 salaried workers), Arvin Meritor (Esson, 415 salaried workers), Filtrauto (Vire, 410 salaried workers).
In Manche, the isothermal coach-building and refrigerated vehicle sectors have been developed, Chéreau (Avranches, 500 salaried workers), Lecapitaine (Saint-Lô, 368 salaried workers) . Both companies are among the sector's European leaders.


There is an overrepresentation of companies in the metalwork (51%) and electricity/electronics (12%) sectors; however this does not influence overall employment by sector of activity which remains relatively well-balanced.
This demonstration of the industrial fabric's heterogeneity puts the region's level of specialisation into perspective, and is an advantage in terms of the industry's potential volatility.

  • Bureau d'études automobile
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  • Filtrauto Vire