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Available offices, premises and land

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Extensive available land throughout Normandy
Each economic expansion committee provides an on-line property database.
Two semi-public companies involved in territorial development: Shema and Normandie Aménagement
Business incubators, relay workshops...


Normandy hosts around 500 activity zones over a total surface area of around 6,000ha, 15% of which are available for development (850ha). The oldest sites being fully occupied, the region's main developers create new sites to satisfy increasing demand. The vitality of Caen's urban community, together with the development of infrastructures (A28, 184, A88) contribute towards accelerating this trend.


The economic expansion committees from the region's three departments (Manche Expansion, Calvados Stratégie and Orne Développement) offer industrial premises and offices, either for sale or for lease. Several business centres offer regional businesses in need (in Paris or in other major towns and cities), branch domicile, daily or annual office-space rental, meeting room hire…


Over and above private developers, Normandy's main public business premises development companies are Normandie Aménagement and Shema (semi-public company in Hérouville-Saint-Clair)
Normandie Aménagement conducts development programmes on vast sites representing one of Normandy's largest sources of available land. Normandie Aménagement can also look after the development of shared facilities within business parks – business centres and catering – aimed at improving personnel working conditions.
Shema is the ideal technical partner for businesses. The company is either contracted by private companies or mandated by local authorities to develop « immediate entry » property projects in the tertiary, industrial and trade sectors. Développeur Associées, a subsidiary of Shema, ensures prospecting and identification of industrial and tertiary projects and assists local authorities in the commercialisation of industrial estates, business property programmes and trade premises.


Over and above traditional premises and business centres, local authorities have developed a number of intermediate business solutions:
- incubators (prior to creation)
- business incubators (from 0 to 23 months)
- business premises (after 2 years)
- relay workshops


  • Vue aérienne zone industrielle
  • Bâtiment TECMA réalisé par GCI
  • Panneau parc d'activités de Guilberville
  • Immobilier d'entreprise
  • Bourse des locaux du Calvados