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The "Biology and Agro bio-industry" hub, born from Normandy's rural, agricultural and maritime vocation, associates research teams working for the region's industries:
- The Franck Duncombe Departmental Laboratory
- IMV Technologies (Orne)

Private enterprise and public authorities throughout Normandy work in the field of human, animal and marine biology.


IMV Technologies – L’Aigle (Orne) – 200 employees: World leader in animal reproduction biotechnology

For around half a century, IMV Technologies have contributed to the development of artificial insemination. IMV Technologies design, produce and market all of the equipment and techniques involved in artificial insemination and embryo transfer for many animal species (pig, bovine, equine reproduction...) whilst considering the issues that are of concern to breeders within their livestock development programmes. Four subsidiaries and many distributors throughout over a hundred countries ensure the perfect command of national markets and their specificities. Thanks to its extensive expertise and its vast network, IMV Technologies is the world leader in this sector of activity and is a standard reference in animal reproduction.

Founded in 1987 and exclusively dedicated to human biology, Cryo Bio System, a division of the IMV Technologies group, strives to provide the group's expertise in cryopreservation of biological samples to scientists from all fields, offering a range of innovative and high security products (biorepositories for epidemiological and clinical research, blood transfusion centre blood banks, cell and genetic therapy units, pharmaceutical industry, Assisted Reproduction Technologies).

Franck Duncombe Departmental Laboratory – Saint-Contest (Calvados) – 140 civil servants: 1st ranking French laboratory for equine veterinary biology.

Created in 1897 on the initiative of the Calvados Departmental Council, the Franck Duncombe Departmental Laboratory, the oldest of its kind in France, is also one of the largest and most modern. Conducting over 1,000,000 analyses per year, essentially in the field of animal health, but also in environment and nutrition, the laboratory also develops research programmes. The laboratory is currently divided into three major departments; two analysis departments dealing respectively with « animal health » and « environment - Nutrition », together with a « Study – technical assistance department ». The laboratory is considered to be France's leading equine veterinary biology centre and is also one of the most reputable laboratories throughout Europe and across the globe. It also works in collaboration with major public research institutions. Hence, research work is conducted in partnership with IFREMER (the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea), based in Port-en-Bessin, essentially concerning the biological and ecological monitoring of oysters, and with INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) with which cider and Calvados studies are currently underway.

  • Laboratoire de l'Université de Caen
  • IMV Technologies
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