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Business travel

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Business travel is a profitable market representing 180M€. Normandy is ideally located close to Paris and offers quality facilities. Conference facilities are concentrated in 6 main towns:
- Deauville & Caen in Calvados
- Cherbourg & Granville in Manche
- Alençon & Bagnoles-de-l’Orne in Orne

Business travel is a healthy and profitable market. This branch of the tourist market generates the highest turnover per stay and per client, despite the relative stagnation of global expenditure per stay. Nevertheless, it is a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market (shorter business events, reduced budgets, activity concentration...)

Direct turnover generated by business travellers in 2005 [Source: Détente consultant 2005]:- Calvados: 117M€ (13.5% of the estimated total direct tourism-related turnover of 865M€)
- Manche: 43M€ (9% of the estimated total direct tourism-related turnover of 475M€)
- Orne: 19.4M€ (10.2% of the estimated total direct tourism-related turnover of 190M€)

Hotel capacity: 527 establishments (270 in Calvados, 157 in Manche and 100 in Orne) for 15,007 rooms (including 973 in 4 star, 3,596 in 3 star, 7,400 in 2 star and 1,251 in 1 star establishments).

C.I.D. The Deauville International Centre (Calvados):
The C.I.D. hosts over 100 events each year, including the American and Asian Film Festivals, the Women's Forum, Top Resa...
The town of Deauville also offers a number of hotels providing conference facilities: Hôtel du Golf, l’Amirauté...

CENTRE DE CONGRÈS – Caen (Calvados) – Caen Conference Centre:
A capacity of 1,200 delegates for events ranging from one hour to several days.
Amphitheatres, halls, rooms, representing a total of 5,000m2 of modular meeting space: conferences, general assemblies, symposiums, conventions, exhibitions, seminars, functions...
Throughout Caen, several hotels and venues also host professional events: Caen Memorial, Mercure Hotel, Novotel...

CITÉ DE LA MER – Cherbourg-Octeville (Manche):
Within the former transatlantic marine terminal, a prime example of Art Deco, the Cité de la Mer provides an exceptional and prestigious venue for any conference or event.

L’ARCHIPEL – Granville (Manche):
This conference centre is located both on the seafront and in the heart of the town. The Hérel room also provides conference facilities in Granville.

HALLE AUX TOILES – Alençon (Orne):
In the heart of the town, the Halle aux Toiles welcomes seminars and conferences.

CENTRE D'ANIMATION ET DE CONGRÈS - Bagnoles de l'Orne (Orne):
In the heart of the spa resort, a department is dedicated to welcoming conferences, seminars and meetings.

  • Cherbourg - Cité de la mer
  • Halle aux toiles à Alençon
  • Archipel à Granville
  • Centre de Congrès de Caen