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Caen, both a maritime and an inland town

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Caen: a town between the sea and the countryside
- An exceptional living environment
- A remarkable cultural supply
- Preserved historical surroundings
- A dynamic and unique town centre
(castle, racecourse, university and marina)


- 1 120 hectares including surrounding forests (Grimbosq forest 15km from Caen: 475 ha, Parc de Croisilles 20km from
Caen: 116 ha)
- 529 hectares in the town (parks, squares, gardens: the botanic garden, the Colline aux Oiseaux garden and park, the
Parc Michel d’Ornano; peri-urban green areas: the vallée des jardins, the Prairie - 90 ha; sports grounds (including
the Michel d’Ornano stadium)
- 40,000 trees
- i.e. an average of 95m² of available green area per inhabitant


- The Bassin Saint Pierre, a marina in the heart of the city. Number of berthing spaces: 92 afloat including 16 visitor spaces
- Caen la mer conurbation: 29 towns and villages to ensure continuity between Caen and the sea
- Close to seaside resorts


- A dynamic and lively metropolis
- Preserved heritage despite the World War II bombardments that destroyed 85% of the town.
- A cultural supply superior to towns of comparable size
- A number of high quality infrastructures
- 1,000 years of history at the foot of the castle rock, in the old town and the town centre's pedestrian walkways
- 83 listed tourist sites, museums and places to visit.
- Two Abbeys: one hosting the Caen Town Council, the other the Normandy Regional Council headquarters
- Medieval castle in the heart of the city (one of Europe's largest)
- The Art Gallery, famous for its Italian, Dutch, Flemish and French paintings (16th and 17th Century)
- The Caen Memorial: a museum for Peace and contemplation on 20th Century history.
- The municipal theatre (seating capacity 1,100), The Centre Dramatique de Normandie (Normandy drama centre)
- A People's University (created by the philosopher Michel Onfray)
- The Zénith theatre; the Artothèque contemporary art gallery; the Lux cinema; the Café Mancel restaurant and meeting
- The Parc des Expositions exhibition centre, the Centre des Congrès conference centre
- An increasing number of popular bars and restaurants around the Bassin Saint-Pierre
- Le Cargö (seating capacity 1,000) a contemporary music concert hall

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