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Caen Memorial, Bayeux-Calvados Prize

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History paving the way for the future
Normandy fully appreciates the price of freedom
The Caen Memorial is an invitation to contemplate peace and to shape history
The Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondents: An international event devoted to freedom of the press

Inaugurated on the 6th of June 1988, the Caen Memorial is a vast and modern museum dedicated to 20th Century history. A place of study and of dialogue, the Memorial transports visitors on a voyage through our collective memory.
A visit to the Caen Memorial is a must. The museum and visitor centre relies on innovative and highly emotional staging taking visitors on a voyage through history, yet leaving them time to consider the earth's future via three museographical exhibition zones:
- World War II: From 1918 to the Battle of Normandy, the first exhibition depicts the causes, the course of events and the
consequences of the Second World War.
- The Cold War: Whilst the nations involved in the Second World War were yet tending to their deep wounds and initiating
painstaking reconstruction, the entire planet progressively entered into a new conflict, a passive and latent discord that
was to last over forty years: the Cold War
- Worlds working towards global peace: Philosophical reflection and contemplation are undoubtedly the Memorial's mantras.
Although the risk of a further world war would appear to be excluded, we continue to live in a world bathed in insecurity
(terrorism, fanatical nationalist movements, ethnic conflict...).
The museum appeals to its visitors to contemplate the fragility of Peace and of Human Rights.
The Memorial is the capital of contemporary history, organising, throughout the year, a number of exhibitions and events (Human Rights Moot Court Competition...). The museum also hosts a photo library, media library and associated literature and reference library...
An educational centre is available for teachers and their students.
The museum welcomed 404,470 visitors in 2005 (15th ranking national cultural site in visitor numbers).

Bayeux was France's first liberated town. In 1994, for the fiftieth anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy, it launched the first edition of this annual, international event. The event pays homage to freedom and democracy.
Each year, since 1994, the most illustrious names from the reporting world meet in Bayeux to offer avid accounts of world events. The event is organised by the Bayeux Town Council, together with the Calvados Departmental Council and many faithful partners. The event consists in awarding a prestigious prize to journalists from across the globe, including all four media categories: written press, radio, television and photography. Over and above the actual trophy award, the Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondents is also a week of fruitful exchange, encounters and debates involving the general public and taking the time to increase our awareness and understanding of world events.
During the event, a total of seven Prizes are awarded:
Four trophies: Written press trophy – the Calvados Departmental Council Prize; Television Trophy – Normandy Regional Council Prize; Radio Trophy – D-Day Landing Committee Prize and the Photo Trophy – Insert Prize.
Three special awards: The Ouest-France – Jean Marin Prize; the Public Prize (photo) sponsored by CJF and the Caisse d'Epargne and the Normandy Lycée students' Prize (Television) sponsored by the Fondation Varenne.
The jury is composed of international journalists, photographic agency managers, editors, reporters, Paris-based foreign correspondents, authors and film-makers.
Inaugurated on the 6th of October 2006, the reporters' Memorial, in memory of journalists fallen in the course of duty, will finally be ready on the 2nd of May 2007, to mark the international event, World Press Freedom Day. The only memorial of its kind in Europe, it will reunite some 200 names.

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