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Calais-Bayonne route

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Major western European motorway route linking north and south-western France, bypassing the Paris region.
Structural link for the department of Orne
An influence for regional economic development in the Sées district: motorway node connecting the A28 (Rouen-Alençon) and the A88 (Caen-Sées)

The Calais-Bayonne route is part of the master development and planning scheme for roads and motorways dated March 1987. It represents 1,050km of exclusive motorway, with the exception of the stretch passing through Rouen. In its northern portion, the route follows the A16 to Abbeville, then the A28 to Tours.

The portion of the A28 (Rouen-Alençon) inaugurated in October 2005 is managed by Alis (motorway management company reuniting Bouygues TP, Quille, DTP Terrassement, Ixis CIB, Egis SA, SAPN, HBOS/UBERIOR and Sanef). It is France's first portion of motorway ever opened to European tender. It follows the withdrawal, in 1988, of the SAPN (Paris-Normandy Motorway Company) project which had initially been granted the concession in 1995.
A few figures on the A28 Rouen-Alençon motorway: 125km, 2 major viaducts, 5 non-motorway interchanges, 1 motorway interchange (linking with the A13), 1 motorway node (A88) at Sées, 6 service and rest areas, 1 full-width toll.
New activity zones have been developed to welcome businesses along the A28 in the vicinity of Gacé, Sées and Alençon.

Daily traffic counts are of 6,200 vehicles including 20% of heavy goods vehicles.

The A28 drains heavy goods traffic from the RN138, increasing road security when travelling throughout the department whilst reducing driving time.
Via the motorway, Rouen is approximately an hour's drive from Alençon, Argentan or L'Aigle, compared to a 2 hour drive by road.

Through the installation of signposting inviting motorists to discover the regions' cultural and architectural heritage, the A28 proves to be a major vehicle for developing tourism. Several projects aimed at enhancing regional value have been initiated through the 1% landscape and development programme.

The Orne departmental council has provided funding for 7.7% of the total cost of roadworks which amount to around 925 million euros.

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