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Calvados ICT

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I.C.T. in Calvados: major developments for all (businesses, schools, citizens)
Mobile telephony, equipping primary and high schools, "Point Info14"
100% of Calvados with broadband access:
- 97.8% via ADSL (telephone lines)
- the remainder by satellite

For the area's businesses:
The Calvados Council is striving to improve mobile telephony.
To optimise the area's mobile telephony coverage, the Council has signed a partnership agreement with three of the market's operators: Bouygues Telecom, France Telecom and Cégétel. The aim is not only to facilitate their administrative obligations, but also to mutualise the infrastructures required to "transmit and receive" everywhere throughout Calvados.

Broadband access:
- via wired technology, work undertaken in collaboration with telecommunication operators should ultimately enable improved throughput (in terms of both quality and time) for multimedia and Internet applications throughout the entire département.
- via hertzian technology, a competitor to the aforementioned technology, access should be of equivalent quality but at a lower cost.
100% of Calvados' territory benefits from broadband access:
- either via ADSL for 97.8% of telephone lines
- or via satellite Internet for other, ineligible lines, thanks to the Nornet system.
2009 budget: An initial sum of €5M devoted to broadband. The development of ICT, with a new AP (programme authorisation) of €3.3M to continue cabling work, secure facilities, renew equipment and to deploy digital working environments (for which a feasibility study is currently underway in partnership with the Regional Council, the Manche and Orne Councils, the Rectorat (education authority) and the Deposit and Consignment Office.

Encouraging the use of ICT in primary and high schools:
All schools within the département have access to the Internet. They also have network connections between schools, with the CRDP (Regional Pedagogical Documentation Centre) and with the Rectorat (education authority) and the Inspection Académique (school inspectorate).
The deployment of Digital Working Environments (DWEs): digital working environments offer access to a range of resources for a group of users. In the field of education for example, scholars can access, inside or outside their school, their timetable, marks, correspondence, documentation...
A total of 2,187 PCs equip the region's high schools.

Citizens and ICT:
The Calvados Council is actively working to install "Points Info 14" throughout the département. Since late 2007, 14 "Points Info 14" have been set up throughout Calvados.
Thanks to these information points, inhabitants in rural areas can look after their administrative obligations and concerns via the Internet, videoconferencing or telephone/fax, totally free of charge, hence obtaining rapid and accurate answers to their questions.

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