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Cider-based products

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10 million apple trees
Quality production approved by the AOC label of origin: Cider, Pommeau, Calvados and Poiré
1st French cider apple producing region
1st French cider producing region (700,000 hl)


1st French cider apple producing region (300,000 t)
1st French cider producing region (700,000 hl)
1st French Calvados producing region (19,100 hl). Half of the Calvados produced is exported.

With 10 million apple trees blossoming throughout Normandy and yielding around 60% of the national cider apple production, the Normandy orchards provide prestigious cider-based products, all of them awarded with an AOC label of origin:
- Fresh and fruity CIDER, thirst-quenching and with a low alcohol content, accompanies all dishes from starter to dessert
depending on its typicity; it's the "Norman Champagne".
"Pays d’Auge", the first cider to receive the AOC label of origin, others are currently being considered: "Cotentin", "Bessin",
"Bocage" and "Perche".
- POMMEAU, a gentle and light aperitif to be drunk chilled, is made of a mixture of apple must (juice) and quality Calvados.
It is aged in oak vats.
- CALVADOS, a splendid apple brandy still distilled today by a few traditional producers, is the apple's most prestigious
statement. It is generally aged for a few years in oak vats, hence its amber colour.
3 AOC labels: "Calvados Pays d'Auge" (25% of total Calvados production), "Calvados" (74% of total Calvados production),
"Calvados Domfrontais" (1% of total Calvados production)
- "Le Poiré Domfront" has been awarded an AOC label since 2002 and is distinguishable by the floral/fruity aroma of the
sought after "Plant de Blanc" variety. Golden yellow, sparkling, with a low alcohol content, it is preferred as an aperitif or
to accompany chocolate-based desserts, or even as a refreshing drink on a warm, sunny afternoon.


- As early as the antiquity, it was known as « apple wine » after the discovery of the natural process of alcoholic
- In the 19th Century, it became the 2nd national drink ranking after wine and before beer.
- History's great cider lovers: From Hippocrates, Radegonde, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, du Guesclin, Charles IX
to Gustave Flaubert and Jacques Prévert. Today's traditional cider-drinking seasons: Epiphany, Candlemas and the summer
- There are many different types of cider depending on the fermentation stage at bottling: still cider (- 3°), medium-dry or
dry (from 3° to 5°), traditional (5°)

Chefs who use these products in many of their recipes, together with the majority of cider producers who open their distilleries for technical/tasting visits are the best ambassadors of these pleasant to (re)discover regional products.

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