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Cinema: actors & producers

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The scene of many a production, Normandy nurtures a cherished alliance with the film industry...

Since 1980, Normandy's landscapes, architectural heritage and historical events have been immortalised in over 150 feature films

Even if Deauville, its casino, its famous "planches" (boardwalk) and luxurious villas have set the scene for over a quarter of the feature films shot in Normandy, ("Un homme et une femme", "La vérité si je mens 2"...), several other regional sites have provided the perfect location for many a 7th art creation.
The spectacular backdrop provided by the Mont-Saint-Michel bay (« Le peuple migrateur » (The Travelling Birds)…), the untamed beauty of the La Hague landscape (« Tess », « L’étoile du Nord » (The North Star)…) the extraordinary luminosity of the Cotentin peninsula (« Diva »…) have, together with Normandy's coastline and its beaches, enthused and stirred many film directors.
The region's coastal and resort towns have also attracted film directors to Granville, Jullouville, Houlgate, Villerville (« Un singe en Hiver »…), Cabourg (« La boum 1 » (Ready for Love), « Le cœur des hommes »…), Port-en-Bessin ("Angèle et Tony")...
Cherbourg's transatlantic port and marine terminal, together with the small harbour towns of Barfleur, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (« La Marie du port », « Le mur de l’Atlantique » (Atlantic Wall)…), and Honfleur, have all contributed to the making of cinematographic works.
The very essence of the Normandy bocage, its apple trees, marshlands and rural villages (« The Longest Day » in Saint-Mère-Église…) have all added flavour to cinematographic creation.
Finally, Normandy's architectural heritage has also borne witness to the region's history and its personality via the abbeys in Caen and Sées (« Saint-Cyr », « Jeanne d’Arc » (Joan of Arc)...) and the Haras du Pin stud farm (« Basse-Normandie »).
This rich cinematographic heritage has led to the creation, in Normandy, as in most French regions, of a Bureau d'Accueil de Tournages (Film Office).


René Le Somptier (born in Caen, 1884 – 1950): film director, journalist, poet
Jean Grémillon (born in Bayeux, 1898 – 1959): director and script-writer
Jean-Charles Tacchella (born in Cherbourg in 1925): director and script-writer
Stéphane Allagnon (born in Isigny-sur-Mer): director and script-writer, first feature film in 2006 (« Vent mauvais »)


Jean Marais (born in Cherbourg, 1913 – 1998): actor, director, writer, painter, sculptor…,
Jacques Gamblin (born in Granville in 1957), Xavier Deluc (born in Caen in 1958), François Morel (born in Flers in 1959), Anne Consigny (born in Alençon in 1963), Olivier Barroux (born in Caen in 1964), Sophie Quinton (born in Villedieu-les-Poêles in 1976), Elsa Lepoivre


- Deauville: American Film Festival, Asian Film Festival
- Cabourg: Cabourg « Journées romantiques » Romantic Film Festival
- Honfleur: Russian Film Festival
- Chebourg: Irish and British Film Festival
- Trouville-sur-Mer: Off-courts Film Festival (short films)

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