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Construction and Public Works

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Activity in the construction an public works sector remains at a sustained level, thanks to major infrastructure projects: road networks, major developments and residential sites.
5,418 businesses
3,534 self-employed skilled workers
36,348 salaried workers


A decade of job creation. Around 10,000 jobs created throughout the construction sector, i.e. an increase of over 27%.
At the 31st of December 2007, the region was home to the head offices of a total of 5,044 construction-related businesses; 374 public works establishments and 3,534 self-employed skilled workers working alone in the public works sector (49% in Calvados, 31% in Manche and 20% in Orne). The number of self-employed working alone has increased by 14% in 4 years. This progression has been particularly productive in Calvados (25%).


Production of businesses from the building sector: 2,315 million Euros in 2007; work carried out within Normandy (estimation at 01/2008), in Euros excluding VAT, for 2006.
Building activity remains sustained despite a minor falloff in 2007 and 2008. The volume of activity should remain at a high and stable level, sustained in particular by the maintenance and improvement market, representing around 55% of production in 2007 and potentially reaching 60% in 2009.
The 5,044 construction-related businesses cover two key fields of activity: 1,670 businesses in shell construction work and 3,374 in finishing and services work. Breakdown of businesses by size: 1 to 9 salaried workers (84.3%); 10 to 19 salaried workers (10.2%); 20 to 49 salaried workers (4.4%); 50 to 99 salaried workers (0.9%); 100 salaried workers or more (0.3%).
The number of construction-related businesses with their head office in Normandy has increased by over 10% from 2003 to 2007. A fabric of SMEs and small-scale businesses, working essentially within Normandy and its surrounding territories, that develop employment within their specific sectors and contribute considerably to the region's economic and social network. Early 2009, around 5,100 construction-related businesses will have established their head office within the region.


The total turnover, excluding tax, and including subcontracting, for public works projects carried out in Normandy in 2007, was 1,005 million Euros.
An excellent figure for the public works sector. Public works activity remains at a consistently high level, although turnover should be weighted to take into account the increased cost of supplies and petroleum-related products with a potentially important impact on certain specialities (electricity, road networks). 2008 marks a turning point.
The 374 establishments are divided as follows:
25% in road surfacing and sports grounds; 21% in major excavation work; 12% in the construction of electrical and telecommunications networks; 12% in other specialised construction work; 12% in miscellaneous activities (railway line construction, rental with construction equipment operator, other installation works); 10% in network development; 3% in drilling and boring; 2% in maritime and riverside development; 1% in the construction of architectural structures (bridges, tunnels..).
The number of establishments has increased by nearly 20%, bearing witness to the great vivacity of this activity.

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