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Chambers of Trade and Crafts, Chambers of Trade and Industry and Chambers of Agriculture provide business leaders and their employees the possibility to gain new qualifications and to improve their professional situation throughout their working lives

CHAMBERS OF TRADE AND CRAFTS: The CESAM (Higher Education and Training Centre for Trade and Crafts) in Caen provides interprofessional training courses in the following fields: commercialisation, sustainable development, administration-management, business transmission and take-over, computer science, computing-multimedia, prevention, first aid, languages, human resource management. Long-term training leading to qualification: ADEA - Assistant de Dirigeant d'entreprise artisanale (small-scale management assistant); Creating or acquiring a business (Master's Certificate)... www.cm.caen.fr
The Manche Chamber of Trade and Crafts in Saint-Lô provides interprofessional training courses in the following fields: bakery-patisserie, computing, foreign languages, floral art, graphic art, internet, business management. Long-term training leading to qualification: BCCEA (Diploma in small-scale business assistant management),
Creating or acquiring a business (Master's Certificate). Preparatory training for business set-up (5 days)...www.cm.manche.fr
The Orne Chamber of Trade and Crafts provides interprofessional training courses and long-term training leading to qualification: They can also offer the opportunity to prepare for a diploma: ADEA, Professional Diploma..., www.cm.orne.fr
CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY: The AIFCC (Calvados Interprofessional Association for Continuing Education) provides the following training opportunities:
Office automation and computing, management and communication, professional efficiency and personal development, sales and marketing, human resources, administration and accounting. The association also has a language learning centre and an Institute for Trade and Professionalisation...www.aifcc.com
FIM Group (Manche Interconsular Training) offers the following training opportunities: management, communication and personal development, accounting - administration, industrial techniques and security, language learning centre, office automation - computing…www.fim.fr
CLIC (Interconsular Liaison Committee) Basse-Normandie has set up a professionalisation programme aimed at players from the tourism industry. www.basse-normandie.cci.fr
ISPA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics), ISERP (Institute for Services to Individuals), 3 IFA's (Combined Training & Work Experience Institute),
CMFAO (Orne Multi-profession Apprentice Training Centre),
CIFA TP (Interregional Public Works Training Centre) www.alencon.cci.fr
All of Normandy's Chambers of Commerce and Industry offer a training course entitled « 5 jours pour Entreprendre » (5 days for business entrepreneurship) for future business creators.
The Caen Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides: training-action programmes (auto-diagnosis) in the following fields: treasury, costs, sales action, financial analysis, organising information exchange, international trade techniques. Plato Basse-Normandie: inter-company auto-training (trade, industry, automobile industry...)
F@cil - on-line personalised agricultural training. www-facil-normandie.fr, web portal: training towards a job; training to perfect skills via short (on average 2-day) modules (agritourism and farm produce, economics - management - law - taxation, environment and development, computing - internet - office automation, mechanisation and buildings, work organisation and human relations, animal production... the f@cil network reunites: the CDFA (Agricultural and Rural Training Committee), the CFPA (Agricultural College) in Montebourg, the Robillard CFPPA* (*Professional Training Centre in Agriculture), the CFPPA* in Coutances, the CFPPA* in Vire, CFPPA* in Sées, the Manche Chamber of Agriculture, the Orne Chamber of Agriculture, the Calvados Chamber of Agriculture, the École du Paysage et de l'Horticulture (Landscaping and Horticultural College) in Saint-Gabriel-Brécy and the MFR (Familial Rural Centre) in Maltot.

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