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Cultural events

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Normandy is a melting pot of artistic talent
Literature – cinema – music – history - heritage
An indefatigable source of history and culture
The commitment of initiators and the vitality of organisers combine to provide a highly attractive calendar of events

The region's commitment towards all forms of cultural promotion has made Normandy a place of many an event not to be missed. On the local, regional or national scene, successive quality festivals and events take place, certain with reputations spanning well beyond our regional frontiers.

Calvados: 10 theatres and theatre halls; the National Regional Conservatory (small and great auditorium); several concert halls including the Zénith (Caen), the Fonderie, the Big Band Café (Hérouville-Saint-Clair) and the Cargö (Caen)…
Manche: The Trident, National Theatre in Cherbourg-Octeville coordinates three performance venues: The Italian Theatre, the Butte Theatre, the Vox; 2 town theatres (Avranches and Coutances); the Archipel (Granville); the Normandy (St-Lô).
Orne: The Scène Nationale 61 is one of 69 national theatres throughout France. With a departmental vocation, it offers programmes throughout 3 different venues: The Alençon theatre, the Forum in Flers and the Carré du Perche in Mortagne-au-Perche); The Luciole in Alençon ; Quai des arts in Argentan...

Les Arts Florissants William Christie, vocal and instrumental ensemble devoted to baroque music. Fifteen years of privileged performance in Caen Theatre; the music festival « Jazz sous les Pommiers » in Coutances; the « Les Papillons de nuit » festival in Saint-Laurent-des-Cuves: contemporary music; « Les Musicales de Domfront » (opera, operetta, chamber music, gospel); « Polyfollia »; on even-numbered years, a summer choir music festival throughout the region; on odd-numbered years, the Fête-Marché (Market Fair) of choir music in Saint-Lô; « Le Septembre Musical de l’Orne (classical music); Nördik Impakt, Electronic music festival in Caen; « les Voix du monde » festival in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay at Genêts; the « Muzic Azimut » festival, offering a wide-ranging programme: rock, hip-hop, electronic music, music from around the world, jazz, song in Flers…

"Les Boréales" Festival, platform of Nordic creations (literature, dance, concerts, cinema, exhibitions) – Caen; the IMEC (Institute of Contemporary Publishing and Memory), reunites, preserves and develops archives from major publishers, reviews, and organisations involved in literature and creation;
Le Centre régional des Lettres de Basse-Normandie (Normandy Regional Literary Centre): federates all regional skills in the field of literature and reading; Les Renontres pour Lire (reading "text in hand", musical creation, light staging, travelling bookstore, all serving literary text); The Université populaire du Goût (Popular Taste/Gastronomy University) in Argentan, created by Michel Onfray, Marc Champérard and Jean-Luc Tabesse...

Irish and British Film Festivals in Cherbourg; Off-Courts, Franco-Quebec produced short film festival in Trouville-sur-Mer; Russian Film Festival in Honfleur; Asian Film Festival in Deauville; American Film Festival in Deauville and Romantic Film Festival in Cabourg.

Historical setting for the Battle of Normandy, Following in William the Conqueror's footsteps; the Historical Abbey route; the Windmill Tourist Route...

  • Abbaye aux Dames
  • Archipel à Granville
  • Festival Papillons de nuit
  • Affiche 35e festival Deauville
  • Alençon - La Luciole