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Dairy products

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The Normande cow and the verdant countryside: a duo offering exceptional dairy products.
AOC quality labels: Camembert, Livarot, Pont-l’Évêque, Isigny butter (one of only two French quality labels) and Isigny fresh cream.
Normandy's wealth serving good living and gastronomy.

With its fertile meadows, Normandy is an exceptional dairy producing region, as much in terms of quantity (2.637 billion litres of milk, 15% of the national production in 2008) as in terms of quality.
The quality of its rural produce has earned it 5 prestigious AOC quality labels.
The first evidence of commercial cheese production dates back as early as the Middle Ages. Cheeses were then known as "angelots" and were later to be given the name of their place of origin or the place where they could be purchased.


According to legend, CAMEMBERT was invented by Marie Harel, an inhabitant of the village of Camembert (Orne), after having accommodated a priest from Meaux during the Revolution. He is said to have entrusted her with the secret recipe for Brie in recognition of her hospitality. Camembert has been awarded the AOC quality label since 1983. It has a delicate rural aroma, an excellent bouquet and a fruity yet slightly salted flavour. CAMEMBERT DE NORMANDIE is one of France's gastronomic emblems.
It is produced throughout the entire region:
7,913 tonnes [2008 figures]

LIVAROT is without a doubt one of Normandy's oldest cheeses (late 17th Century). It has been awarded the AOC quality label since 1975. It is a characteristic cheese, with a strong aroma and heady flavour. Livarot is a cylindrical cheese available in 4 official weights (60g, 120g, 135g, 230g). It is wrapped with 5 bands of sedge (also known as carex: a marshland plant), hence its nickname the "Colonel".
It is exclusively produced in one area of Calvados and Orne: 1,260 tonnes [2008 figures]

Of monastic origin, PONT-L'EVEQUE has been produced since the 12th Century. It has been awarded the AOC quality label since 1976. It is a warm, characteristic yet subtle cheese.
It is traditionally square (11cm wide and 3cm high)
It is produced throughout the entire region: 2,853 tonnes [2008 figures]

A mere glimpse at Isigny-sur-Mer's opulent meadows and it's no surprise that the butter and cream originating from such a breeding ground are sure to enchant: a delicate tasting butter, full of vitamins and protein, and a rich, smooth crème fraîche. Isigny butter is one of France's two AOC quality label butters, together with Charentes-Poitou butter.

The quality label production zone partially covers the administrative districts of Bayeux (Calvados) and Saint-Lô (Manche):
4,445 tonnes of butter produced – 4,038 tonnes of cream [2008 figures]

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