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Dynamic local and regional associations

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Highly dynamic associative fabric in Normandy, a major contribution to artistic creation:
- 14,000 associations (culture, sport, leisure)
- Several thousands of volunteers
- Event creation and organisation
- Circuses, choirs, son et lumière shows...

Normandy's associative fabric is particularly fertile (ranking 3rd across France) There are some 6,917 cultural, sporting and leisure associations in Calvados, 4,153 in Manche and 2,639 in Orne.
The associative sector is a major contributor to artistic creation. Be it to perform circus shows, amateur theatre, concerts, choral music or historical representations, they all have one thing in common: thousands of enthusiastic volunteers putting their all into equally dynamic associations.

The following three examples demonstrate the vitality of Normandy's associative fabric.


Normandy boasts the highest number of association-run circuses in France.

The Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie (Normandy Circus Arts Centre) welcomes circus performers and troupes. It encourages logistic and financial assistance as well as the hosting of circus shows in cultural venues and towns throughout Normandy. It works towards increasing public awareness, through the organisation of training sessions and circus-related activities in schools and socio-cultural centres.
Based in Cherbourg-Octeville, from October 2006 the centre will be able to welcome a greater number of performers and troupes in its brand new premises.


The "Musique en Normandie" (music in Normandy) website lists some 167 choirs throughout Normandy.

Most of these choirs perform within the region, however, some of them have such prestigious reputations that they perform throughout France and abroad. They offer a variety of repertoires from medieval music to contemporary tunes, from opera to sacred choral music and folk...
They attract thousands of participants who, all through the year, meet to rehearse in a warm and convivial atmosphere.


Each summer, not far from the Mont Saint-Michel, the "Féériques de Montgothier" are organised by an association based in Isigny-le-Buat, thanks to its 800 volunteers and 8 employees.
It is the most impressive son et lumière show in Normandy and each performance offers some 4,000 spectators an insight into the history of the Normandy bocage.


29 Olympic discipline single-sport associations, 58 non-Olympic single-sport associations, 25 multisport associations or national unions (2003 figures).

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