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Employment area: Alençon

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4,283 establishments, 365 of which employ 10 or more salaried workers
44,693 jobs including 5,410 in industry
Sectors: Motor industry, agrifood, plastics...
Companies: Magneti-Marelli, Carrier, Ysco, Sodiaal, Roxane, Goavec Engineering, Augros…

The Alençon-Argentan employment area: 1,741 km2. The area encompasses 163 communes and a population of 108,548 inhabitants (2009 census) for a density of 62 inhabitants per km2.

Total employment at 31/12/2005 was estimated at 44,693 jobs. The number of salaried workers in industry is 5,410 with an employment feminisation level of 32.3% and an average age of 40.6 years. Industrial share in employment: 13.1%.
The unemployment level at 31/12/2006 was 9.2%.
At third term 2008, the employment area included 4,283 establishments (450 in industry, 615 in construction, 1,200 in trading and repair and 2,018 in the services sector).
Breakdown of salaried employment by sector for firms employing over 20 salaried workers: 21% in energy, shipbuilding, minerals; 14% in mechanics; 16% in the agrifood industry; 16% in the motor industry; 11% in the chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and maintenance industry; 9% in printing and publishing.
At the 1st of January 2006, there were 365 establishments employing 10 or more salaried workers. Only three sites employ over 200 salaried workers. Main sectors of activity:
- Motor vehicle equipment manufacturers:
Magneti Marelli, Carrier Carrosserie, Asteel technologie…
- Agrifood industry:
Ysco (Milcobel group), Roxane, Sodiaal, Ariake…
- Plastics:
Rovip, Alençon plastic, Appli'Plast, MPO, Augros…
- Other sectors:
Les Verreries de l'Orne (hollow glass manufacture), Vitraglass (flat glass manufacture), Graph 2000 (book printing),
Normandie Roto Impression, AMCOR Flexible France (paper packaging manufacture); Goavec Engineering (boilers –

The Alençon-Argentan employment area has survived a genuine industrial crisis; industrial decline leading to the slow demise of Moulinex, with the closure of sites in Alençon and Argentan, followed by the closure of APM and MIC in Argentan. The situation was only to stabilise in 2005. The area's main employer, Magnetti Marelli, is currently developing its activity in Argentan, supported by local authorities keen to revitalise the employment area. The agrifood industry is also one of the employment area's industrial mainstays. Half of salaried workers from the industry work within three main firms covering different market niches: Soft drink production with the company Roxane in La Ferrière Brochard, together with dairy transformation with Sodiaal, located in Pacé and Ségès Frigécrème, located in Argentan. Two important establishments have maintained their employment level; Goavec Engineering (design and manufacture of stainless steel processing tanks and automated systems for the dairy, agrifood, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries) and Carrier Carrosserie coach-builders. The plastics industry continues to feed hopes for the industrial revitalisation of this area of the Orne department. The industry relies on solidly established SMEs such as Augros. The sector's development is backed by two technical training centres: ISPA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics) and ISMO (Superior Institute of Moulding). Printing and publishing is another of the Alençon basin's dynamic traditional activities, providing further potential for local industrial development.

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