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Employment area: Argentan

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An advantageous location
An urban hub: L'Aigle, Rai, Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle
A diversified economy
A metallurgy hub (Frénéhard & Michaud…)
A biotechnology hub (IMV in L'Aigle…)
Tourism and agritourism potential

Situated to the extreme east of the Normandy region and covering a surface area of 634km2, the Pays d'Ouche Ornais includes part of the historical Pays d'Ouche, a vast territory stretching across to Conches en Ouche in the Eure department.
The Pays d'Ouche, to the northeast of Orne, is home to 28,860 inhabitants (01-01-09 census), comprises 47 communes forming 4 Communities of Communes (excluding the village of Les Aspres). With 45.5 inhabitants per km2, the population density is only slightly inferior to that of the whole département (48 inhabitants/km2), however is well below Normandy's regional density (83 inhabitants/km2). An ideal goegraphical location (near to Paris).
L'Aigle, the Pays d'Ouche's central town, is located 60km from Evreux, Alençon, Dreux and Lisieux, and just over an hour from Caen, Rouen and Le Havre.

In terms of the area's geology and economy: the subsoil is poorly fertile but is ferruginous, which, together with the presence of the Rivers Risle and Iton, has enabled the development of a traditional and vast ironwork activity (foundries, forges, wiredrawing plants). Today, metallurgy remains the bedrock of local industry and has succeeded in diversifying to challenge transitory difficulties.
- The population distribution reveals:
- Major population concentration around the urban centre of L'Aigle with 8,665 inhabitants (01-01-09 census), representing, alone, 30% of the area's total population.
- 4 communes with over 1,000 inhabitants (Aube, Rai, Saint Sulpice-sur-Risle and Sainte-Gauburge-Sainte-Colombe), all located alongside the D926 (L'Aigle/Argentan) route.
- A majority of small villages (of which 17 with less than 200 inhabitants).
A trading area with over 50,000 inhabitants.

The subsoil, which is poorly fertile but ferruginous, has enabled the development of a traditional and vast ironwork activity (foundries, forges, wiredrawing plants). A Pays with a metallurgic history: 25% of employment in industry and 15% in metallurgy.
A diversified economy relying on a fabric of many small yet dynamic businesses: 90% of them employ under 10 salaried workers. 45% of employment is in the tertiary sector.

Employers with over 100 salaried workers (both public and private): The L'Aigle Town Council, the L'Aigle hospital, FAMAR (pharmaceutical company) in L'Aigle, IMV in L'Aigle, Frénéhard & Michaux (Saint-Symphorien-des-Bruyères), Tréfimétaux in Rai, E.Leclerc (Saint-Sulpice), Acument (sub-contractor for the automotive industry) in La Ferté-Fresnel, Wagon Automotive (sub-contractor for the automotive industry) in Sainte-Gauburge
IMV Technologies – L'Aigle: the world leader in biotechnology and animal reproduction, designs and develops equipment for artificial insemination and embryo transfer. This company is among Orne's three leading exporters and has four subsidiaries across the globe. IMV recently extended its expertise to the field of human medicine with the creation of a new subsidiary.
Frénéhard & Michaux: French giant in the field of metal part manufacturing for construction (roofing in particular). Its slate and gutter hooks are behind the company's renown. Frénéhard & Michaux also develops protective devices against falls. A new and lucrative market.
A diversified and promising agricultural resource. The agricultural particularity in the Pays d'Ouche: a predominating mixed farming system, 3 AOC quality labels (Camembert de Normandie, Pommeau de Normandie and Calvados).

Indisputable tourism and agritourism potential. Industrial tourism is also sure to guarantee the Pays d'Ouche a healthy future: among current projects: a museographical study for the creation of a visitor centre focusing on needles, located within the premises of Bohin France (sewing needles, pins...). France's last remaining needle manufacturer. Bohin needles are reputed in the dressmaking profession. The company has succeeded in reuniting tradition and modernity. Its products are sold in 25 different countries.

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