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Employment area: Coutances

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2,627 establishments, 158 of which employ 10 or more salaried workers, (one with over 500)
23,138 jobs including 2,940 in industry
Sectors: Agrifood, electronics, pharmaceutical...
Companies: SIC Normandie Bretagne, Créaline, Elvia, Degussa, Unither Normandy…

The Coutances employment area: 981 km2
The area encompasses 93 communes and a population of 65,820 inhabitants (2009) for a density of 67 inhabitants per km2.


Total employment at 31/12/2005 was 23,138 jobs. The number of salaried workers in industry is 2,940 with an employment feminisation level of 30.3% and an average age of 38.0 years. Industrial share in employment: 15.6%.
The unemployment level at third term 2008 was 6.0%.
At 01/01/2006, the employment area included 2,627establishments (301 in industry, 436 in construction, 770 in trading and repair and 1,120 in the services sector).
Breakdown of salaried employment by sector for firms employing over 20 salaried workers: 42% in the agrifood industry; 16% in household equipment, electricity and electronics; 10% in metallurgy; 9% in chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and maintenance and 9% in wood and paper.
At the 1st of January 2006, there were 158 establishments employing 10 or more salaried workers. One site employs over 500 salaried workers. Main sectors of activity.
- Agrifood industry:
Socopa (production of butcher's meat), SAS Degussa Texturant System (groupe Cargill) food additives, Laiterie Fromagerie
Val d’Ay (dairy products), Créaline (vegetable processing and preserving), Groupe Primco-Soleco (fresh, packaged,
ready-to-use vegetables), Socopa slaughterhouse.
- Other sectors:
Elvia printed Circuit Board (manufacture of passive components and condensers), Unither Normandy (sterile unidose
manufacture), SA Marcel Picot Découpage (metal cutting and stamping), Groupe CTI (boilers and piping) Menuiserie
Technique Nouvelle (manufacture of plastic parts for construction), J.Regnault SA (motor vehicle body-building),
Rihouey SA (manufacture of framed structures and woodwork), Lenormand SARL (agricultural equipment repair)…


The Coutances employment market concentrates on maritime, tourist and trading activities rather than on industry.
The highly diversified agrifood sector is the main local industrial activity, benefiting largely from agricultural production in central Manche. A few sectors have succeeded in maintaining their employment levels despite buy-outs by major groups (Alcatel taken over by Elvia Printed Circuit Board and Synthelabo by Unither Normandy).
Such restructuring programmes involving major groups largely explain the decrease in industrial employment in this region of Normandy, particularly among SMEs.

Excluding major agrifood businesses, only six industrial sites employed over 50 salaried workers late 2007.

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  • Maisons de bord de mer à Agon Coutainville
  • Vue aérienne de Coutances