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Employment area: Saint-Lô

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3,546 businesses (including 354 with over 10 employees).
37,843 jobs including 5,530 in industry
Sectors: agrifood, coach-building, glassware, packaging...
Companies: Elvir,

The Saint-Lô employment area: 1,137 km2
The area encompasses 113 communes and a population of 94,199 inhabitants (2009) for a density of 83 inhabitants per km2.


Total employment at 31/12/2004 was 37,843 jobs. The number of salaried workers in industry is 5,530 with an employment feminisation level of 38.2% and an average age of 38.4 years. Industrial share in employment: 16.2%.
The unemployment rate at 31/12/2005 was 6.8%.
At 01/01/2005, the employment area included 3,546 establishments (407 in industry, 520 in construction, 1,082 in trading and repair and 1,537 in the services sector).
Breakdown of salaried employment by sector for firms employing over 20 salaried workers: 29% in the agrifood industry; 13% in the motor industry; 11% in energy, shipbuilding and minerals; 8% in mechanics. At the 1st of January 2005, there were 354 establishments employing 10 or more salaried workers.

Main sectors of activity.
- Agrifood industry: Compagnie Laitière Européenne, Elvir (manufacture of dairy products), Sofivo,
- Other sectors: Donaldson (manufacture of automobile equipment), Lecapitaine (manufacture of car bodies), (manufacture of corrugated cardboard),
Saint-André-Plastique (manufacture of plastic packaging), Avinov (metal cutting and stamping), Team (boilers and piping)…


The Saint-Lô basin is one of the least industrialised in Normandy.
The agrifood industry predominates, particularly dairy farming, with Elvir, the area's prime industrial employer, together with the seafood industry which is currently expanding with Cuisimer and Gel Manche. Household appliance manufacturers have suffered the greatest job losses with the closure of Moulinex and Euromotors.
A few companies have endeavoured to fill the gap. The best success stories are among activities associated with the motor industry: Lecapitaine created 120 new jobs in industrial coach-building; Donaldson, 70 new jobs in the manufacture of exhaust pipes for industrial vehicles. And finally, the Aurys glassworks have created 25 new jobs.
The area's long-established SMEs have had varying experiences, with severe job losses in the textile and clothing sector, together with isolated wire and cable manufacture, whereas a few new jobs have been created in the plastic packaging sector.

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