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Employment area: Vire

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2,027 businesses (including 179 with over 10 employees)
21,372 jobs including 4,490 in industry
Sectors: motor industry, agrifood, optic fibre...
Companies: Acome, Guy Degrenne, Filtrauto,
La Normandise, Charles Amand…

The Vire employment area: 1,129 km2
The area encompasses 94 communes and a population of 57,166 inhabitants (2009) for a density of 51 inhabitants per km2.


Total employment at 31/12/2004 was estimated at 21,372 jobs. The number of salaried workers in industry is 4,490 with an employment feminisation level of 33.5% and an average age of 39.9 years. Industrial share in employment: 25.6%.
The unemployment rate at 31/12/2005 was 7.6%.
At 01/01/2005, the employment area included 2,027 establishments (289 in industry, 312 in construction, 609 in trading and repair and 817 in the services sector).
Breakdown of salaried employment by sector for firms employing over 20 salaried workers: 27% in household appliances, electricity and electronics; 19% in metallurgy; 19% in mechanics; 18% in the agrifood industry; 12% in the chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical and maintenance sector.
At the 1st of January 2005, there were 179 establishments employing 10 or more salaried workers. One establishment employs over 500 salaried workers.

Main sectors of activity.
- motor vehicle equipment manufacturers: Filtrauto, Ariès Industries Structure (manufacture of plastic technical parts)…
- Agrifood industry: Charles Amand SA (industrial preparation of meat-based products), La Normandise
(pet food manufacture), La Compagnie des Fromages (cheese manufacture)…
- Other sectors: Acome (manufacture of isolated wires and cables), Guy Degrenne SA (kitchen utensil and crockery
manufacture), Chauvin-Arnoux (manufacture of scientific and technical instruments), Thibaut SA (manufacture of other
machines and tools), B’Plast (manufacture of plastic-based products for the building industry), James ébénistes
(home furniture manufacture), Transports Châtel, TFE, Messageries Laitières…


After Flers and L'Aigle – Mortagne-au-Perche, Vire is the region's third-ranking employment area in terms of salaried industrial employment. The area's strong industrial activity is essentially concentrated within large companies located in the vicinity of Vire. However, the area's industry is losing pace. The motor industry is the most highly threatened sector. Ariès and Filtrauto have only created a few dozen jobs in recent years, excluding temporary contracts which vary considerably depending on the economic climate.
The agrifood industry is the Vire district's second most prominent sector. On one hand, the Compagnie des Fromages has stabilised employment figures in its Vire factory. On the other hand, the pet food manufacturer, La Normandise, continues its growth.
Two further companies occupy strategic positions in the area's industrial landscape: Acome (optic fibre), the area's prime industrial employer with some 900 salaried jobs, and Guy Degrenne (household goods), the area's second industrial employer.

  • Filtrauto Vire
  • Guy Degrenne - Vire
  • TFE Vire