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Energy (general information)

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Nuclear power production in Normandy:
18.86billion kWh in 2011, i.e. 3.8% of national production
The region is committed to developing renewable energy Top-level training and research complete the nuclear network

Flamanville plants 1 and 2 are « pressurised water reactors » in operation since 1985 and 1986 respectively. Their total capacity is 2,600 megawatts (MW). A 1,650 MW, EPR (European Pressurized Water Reactor), called Flamanville 3, is to be built and the EDF (French electricity board) plans for it to be operational by 2014. The investment cost is estimated at 5 billion Euros. In 2009, the plant produced 16.41 billion kWh, i.e. 3.8% of national nuclear power production, and attained an availability rate of 77.1%. This availability rate is the plant's operating capacity at full power. The Flamanville power plant produced twice Normandy's electricity consumption (8.25 billion kDh). Nuclear fuel reprocessing: Operational since 1966, the AREVA NC (Nuclear Cycle) plant in La Hague, the world's leading site for this type of activity, ensures the processing of used nuclear fuel from French, European and Asian reactors. Radioactive waste storage: 527,225m3 are stored at the CSM (Manche Storage Centre), which welcomed its very last consignment in 1994 before officially moving on to an active surveillance phase in 2003.

- Heat production: Wood energy: automatic boilers (wood shreds or granules) or manual boilers (logs); independent devices (stoves, enclosed room heaters, cookers...). 1,597 facilities; around 327 million kWh of energy produced or substituted. Thermal solar energy: with an average of 1,700 hours of sunshine per year, Normandy is a propitious region for solar energy. A well-dimensioned solar water heater covers, on average, 60% of a household's needs in hot water (virtual independence from April to October). Solar water heaters; combined solar energy systems; connexion to a heating network; connexion of a household to an existing heating network supplied with renewable energy or installation of a cogeneration system. 1,244 facilities; around 2,9 million kWh of energy produced or substituted.
- Electricity production: Anyone can produce electricity from an electric generator supplied from a renewable energy source: photovoltaic sensors, wind turbines or micro hydroelectric power plants. The resulting electricity is either stored in batteries for personal use, or reinjected in the distribution network. Photovoltaics (solar energy production): 508 facilities; around 3.3 million kWh of energy produced or substituted. Wind energy (electricity produced by aerogenerators): 157 facilities (number of masts): 66 < 100 kW, 91> 100 kW; around 390 million kWh of energy produced or substituted. Micro hydraulics (small hydraulic plants: mills): 42 facilities; around 57 million kWh of energy produced or substituted.

Normandy offers specific training opportunities in the nuclear field, together with more "generalist" courses to suit the needs of businesses from the sector. Public education and training: the MMN "Maintenance in Nuclear Environments" ordinary degree is the fruit of the efficient partnership between the Alexis de Tocqueville college and lecturer-researchers from the University of Caen, to provide training for intermediate executives from superior technician to engineer... Private education and training: Connaissance Network in Paris offers training programmes based in Cherbourg (Nuclear quality, Service supplier efficiency, Prevention of fuel risks, Fuel cycle, Prevention of nuclear risks, Nuclear reactor, Onboard nuclear reactor).

Normandy boasts major scientific potential: GANIL (Large Heavy Ion Accelerator); SPIRAL (On Line System for Producing Accelerated Radioactive Ions), and soon SPIRAL 2; CIRIL (Interdisciplinary Centre for Laser Ion Research); LPC (Corpuscular Physics Laboratory). Normandy has bid to host the EURISOL (European Isotope Separation On-Line Radioactive Ion Beam) facility...

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