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Energy: Training

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Throughout its territory, Normandy concentrates a large number of nuclear activities divided between 2 major hubs, the North Cotentin and the Caen basin
Higher education and training courses focusing on nuclear science and radioprotection, essentially from level IV to level I

Normandy offers a vast range of higher education and training opportunities directly focusing on nuclear science and radioprotection, essentially from level IV (Professional Baccalaureat) to level I (Engineering Diploma). Normandy unquestionably has a trump card to play on the European and international scene in terms of nuclear-related education and training thanks to the region's highly skilled engineering in the field.
ENSICAEN has for many years developed national renown as an engineering school offering courses in the field of instrumentation via its specialised "Applied Electronics and Physics" course, which is perfectly in line with the substantial needs in the energy and medical (nuclear imaging) fields. Within this propitious context, ENSICAEN launched its "Nuclear Engineering and Instrumentation" option in 2007, partly focusing on radiation-matter interaction mechanisms and on associated applications in radiation detection (radioprotection, dosimetry, pulse electronics, non-destructive control and medical imaging). The second part of the programme focuses on nuclear reactors (fuel cycle, neutronics, materials for the nuclear industry...).
ESIX in Cherbourg: The engineering school is a constituent of Caen University and aims at preparing generalist production engineers for all sectors of activity. Production engineers trained at the Cherbourg Engineering School (ESIX) are distinguishable from those graduating from other French engineering schools thanks to the specificity of their course which integrates issues concerning "Environmental Control" (Maîtrise d'Ambiance®).
The "Maintenance in Nuclear Environments" Professional Degree dispensed in its present form since 2005 by Caen University's Science department at the Lycée de Tocqueville in Cherbourg-Octeville is the continuation of a former course inaugurated in 1985 which led to a DNTS (National Specialised Technology Diploma).
In 2006, the French National Education department created a professional Baccalaureat in "Nuclear Environments", dispensed, in particular, at the Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in Cherbourg-Octeville since 2007. The course is available via an apprenticeship programme. The aim of this professional Baccalaureat is to prepare operational team leaders in nuclear environments.
EAMEA (School of Military Applications for Nuclear Energy):
The EAMEA contributes towards higher inter-army military education by dispensing courses in science, techniques and nuclear security for officers from all three forces (ground, air and naval), the Gendarmerie Nationale and inter-army departments. The school also participates in dispensing higher education and training for engineers from the General Delegation for Armament, together with engineers from civilian organisations working on military nuclear programmes. The school's course in nuclear engineering is undoubtedly its flagship.
INSTN (National Institute for Nuclear Science and Techniques). The institute's Cherbourg-Octeville site is involved in several specialised courses focusing on radioprotection and dispensed as professional training.
Over the past 25 years, the AFPA training centre in Cherbourg has developed vast experience in the nuclear field in partnership with the sector's key players, both locally and beyond regional frontiers. Nuclear-related biomedical training has been developed in Caen, specialising in particular in medical imaging and the living sciences which are among the region's unquestionable assets: the professional Master's Degree in "Biology and Health" specialising in the Neurosciences and Medical Imaging and the Professional Degree in "Image and Sound" including an "Image Acquisition and Processing" option.
Private training opportunities: Connaissance Network in Paris offers training programmes based in Cherbourg (Nuclear quality, Service supplier efficiency, Prevention of fuel risks, Fuel cycle, Prevention of nuclear risks, Nuclear reactor, Onboard nuclear reactor).

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