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ENM - Normandy Business School

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- 1,595 students
- 260 continuing education trainees
- 20 training programmes; initial and continued
training leading to qualification
- Over 850 businesses involved in the teaching
- 112 partner universities across the 5 continents

The school is a higher education and research centre in business management, in the form of an association, and welcomes 1,595 students, along with 260 salaried employees and business leaders via its continuing education programmes; its staff of 50 permanent lecturers and 8 affiliate lecturers work in the school's two main campuses in Caen and Le Havre and in its satellite campus in Deauville.

With a 2009 budget of €14.5M, the EMN is presided over by François Raoul-Duval and managed by Jean-Guy Bernard. Eligible for Equis and AACSB accreditation, the school is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles' Chapitre des Écoles de Management, the AACSB, the EFMD, the EMBS, Campus France, the FNEGE and the Normandy Polytechnicum.

It offers a Grande École Master's Degree programme endorsed by the French Ministry of Education, accessible through competitive examination with 3 entrance levels (post-Baccalaureat, post-preparatory course and admission by virtue of previous diplomas).
The school also offers 4 Bachelor's Degree (3-year) programmes, a range of 11 MS (specialised Master's Degrees) and MSc Degrees, together with 1 Executive MBA course, and qualifying and certificate continuing education courses in the following fields of expertise: management and entrepreneurship, logistics, territorial development, risk prevention and tourism and event management.
The EM Normandie is committed to preparing its students for ever-changing environments, for them to adapt to new situations and to design original solutions, whilst offering them the necessary resources for their personal and professional fulfilment.

- 20 qualifying/certificate undergraduate and continuing education courses [including 4 Bachelors' Degrees, the Master Grande École, 11 MS (Specialised Master's Degrees) and MSc Degrees and 1 Executive MBA]
- 50 permanent lecturers including 19 doctors in science and 10 PhD students, 8 affiliate lecturers
- 400 part-time lecturers and professional speakers
- Over 850 regional, national and international companies involved in teaching programmes and the school's day-to-day operations
- Over 1,500 students and 260 salaried workers and business leaders in continuing education
- 8,500 graduates throughout fifty different countries
- 112 foreign partner universities in 35 countries

Le Havre campus: 30 rue de Richelieu – 76087 LE HAVRE CEDEX - Tel: 02 32 92 59 99 / Fax: 02 35 42 11 16
Caen campus: 9 rue Claude Bloch – 14052 CAEN CEDEX 4 - Tel: 02 31 46 78 78 / Fax: 02 31 43 81 01
Deauville satellite campus: 1 avenue Lucien Barrière – 14800 DEAUVILLE - Tel: 02 31 14 14 36 / Fax: 02 31 14 01 01

E-mail: info@em-normandie.fr - Website: www.em-normandie.fr

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