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Equipment manufacturers

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The proximity of prime manufacturers is one of the very bases of the motor industry's development.
Internationally renowned motor vehicle equipment manufacturers supplying major vehicle manufacturers: 9.7% of industrial employment
Integrated R&D
60% of industrial jobs in the sector

Motor vehicle equipment manufacturers are in direct contact with vehicle manufacturers and are actively involved in the design of required products. Motor vehicle equipment manufacture is classified under the NAF (French Activity Nomenclature) code 2932Z. In complement, companies under the following NAF codes are also concerned: electric and electronic components (NAF 2931Z), motor vehicle locking systems (part of NAF 2572Z), motor vehicle springs (part of NAF 2593Z).
Normandy's motor vehicle equipment manufacturers represent the region's second industry in terms of employment with 9.7% of industrial jobs, just ahead of the meat industry and just behind the dairy industry. Motor vehicle equipment manufacturers play an important role in the supply chain and have progressively been given greater responsibility in the outsourcing-production process launched by vehicle manufacturers. 70 to 80% of the total cost of vehicle manufacture is currently provided by external suppliers.
To meet the increasing demands of vehicle manufacturers in terms of cost, delivery and quality, motor vehicle equipment manufacturers have developed strategic partnerships with other suppliers from different trades. The rising emergence of modules (complete sets of components and systems forming a coherent perimeter) reinforces the relevance of such partnerships. More and more motor vehicle equipment manufacturers operate within vehicle manufacturer design and conception sites, but also as on site suppliers within assembly factories. They are also important advisers, conscious of the final client's expectations and marketing environment-friendly equipment that improves the security and comfort of motorists. The world's motor equipment industry is currently undergoing major reorganisation. The concentration of motor vehicle equipment manufacturers is accelerating and, by the end of this decade, should lead to a reduced number of major international groups, specialised groups working on an international scale and regional suppliers. Under the impetus of manufacturers, motor vehicle equipment manufacturers need, not only to develop or acquire new skills, but also to integrate group strategies in order to reduce costs.
Faurecia in Flers (1,650 employees): Motor vehicle seating and exhaust systems
Robert Bosch Electronics in Mondeville (983 employees): Electronic components and specific equipment for motor vehicles
Gestamp-Sofedit in Le Theil (900 employees): Sheet metal cutting and stamping
SC2N-Valeo in Mondeville (300 employees): Detection system manufacturer
Wagon Manufacturing (Snop group) in La Vespière (197 employees): Cutting, stamping and assembly of motor vehicle parts
Inteva Products in Esson (396 employees): Electric motors for aperture systems
Knorr Bremse in Glos (399 employees): Compressed air vehicle braking systems
Mecacorp (Mécaplast group) in Vire (300 employees): Streamlining and cambering of steel, stainless steel and aluminium vehicle parts
Magneti Marelli Motopropulsion in Argentan (300 employees): Fuel injection control systems, engine control systems
Donaldson in Domjean (230 employees): 67% of the French market in exhaust silencers
Electropoli in Isigny-le-Buat (197 employees): European leader in metal finishing for the motor industry
SA Marcel Picot in Coutances (200 employees): Pressed, moulded, blanked, processed and assembled parts
MGI Coutier in Condé-sur-Noireau (173 employees): Cutting, pressing and assembly of motor vehicule parts
Filtrauto (Sogefi group) in Vire (430 employees): manufacture of engine filters
Dresser Produits Industriels (General Electric) in Condé-sur-Noireau (340 employees): Manufacture of pressure relief valves and instrumentation for industry

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