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ESIX Normandie

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ESIX Normandie, an institute covering three sites: Caen, Saint-Lô and Cherbourg
Two engineering courses adapted to suit business needs. Product of the fusion, in 2009, of the ENIAA (Normandy Agrifood Engineering School of Caen) and the EIC (Cherbourg Engineering School)

ESIX Normandie
The school is incorporated within the University of Caen. It is the product of the fusion in 2009 of the EIC (Cherbourg Engineering School) and the ENIAA (Normandy Agrifood Engineering School of Caen). ESIX covers three sites: Caen, Saint-Lô and Cherbourg.
It offers three-year engineering courses in industrial technologies, generating graduates who are immediately operational and capable of coping with technical changes thanks to their scientific skills and their know-how in project management and team building. Learning programmes are developed in partnership with businesses. www.esix.unicaen.fr
The school's Agrifood speciality, dispensed at its Caen and Saint-Lô sites, offers 3-year specialised engineering courses in production, quality and development of agrifood products, in sectors such as dairy products, meat products, vegetables and seafood.
Its strengths include:
- A multi-sector approach,
- Deep-rooted knowledge of associated products,
- Training periods in technology halls, in partnership with Saint-Lô,
- In-house business training periods: 9 to 11 months,
- Project-specific learning.
The school's Industrial Production speciality, dispensed at its Cherbourg site, offers 3-year general engineering courses on the command of production technologies and environments in all sectors of activity.
The course's key themes include:
- Knowledge on common production line functionalities,
- Production process management and control,
- Environment control,
- International culture and communication,
- In-house business training periods: minimum 8 months,
- Project-specific learning.
In 1996, a total of 501 engineers graduated from the school. 28.3% of students are from Lower Normandy, 38.7% from the Great West (Upper Normandy, Lower Normandy, Centre, Pays-de-la-Loire) and 61.3% from other French regions.
The course offers general training to become an operational engineer, capable of managing multi-speciality teams in the manufacture of products that sustainably conform to client expectations (in terms of performance, quality and timescale), business needs (cost, organisational culture), and to current regulations, in particular with regard to security (of consumers and goods) and the environment.
When they graduate, 80% of engineers work in production or production-related departments.
The course is organised around five teaching modules: knowledge of common production line functionalities, production process management and control, environment control, international culture and communication and preparation for professional insertion.
A new speciality entitled "Nuclear operations" is currently under assessment by the Engineering Titles Commission (CTI).
The school's continuing education programme offers a DRT (Technological Research Diploma) in Industrial Production and Controlled Environments. The diploma marks the successful conclusion of research work aimed at solving a specific issue from the industrial or tertiary sector and conducted in close collaboration with an associated company.

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