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Exporting industries

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Normandy's export sales: €3,962M in 2008 with a new increase (+ 6,4%, following + 11% in 2007)
78,4% of the region's total exported goods are shipped throughout the European Union
Close to 1,000 exporting companies
Agrifood industry: 26% of Normandy's export sales (leading position)

Normandy's external trade (€8.41Bn) was once more to illustrate the region's great vitality in 2008. Export sales reached €3,962M in 2008, with a new rise (6.4 % after an 11% increase in 2007), i.e. total progression far above the national average (1.8%).
Sectorial analysis of Normandy's export sales confirms the predominance of the following 5 traditional sectors, in order of importance:

- The relative share of the agrifood industry is on the increase (€1,043M, i.e. + 21.7% compared to 2007) and represents 26% of total export (87% of which involve processed goods), hence placing it in leading position among Normandy's exporting sectors.

- Exportation in the professional goods sector maintained its excellent position in 2008 (with €813M, i.e. + 20.5%), hence placing the sector in second position with 15% of total export sales. Mechanical equipment manufacturers are also noteworthy, contributing a total 7.5% of the region's export sales.

- The motor vehicle equipment sector (€627M) remained in third position in 2008, contributing 15.8% of Normandy's total export sales.

- Consumer goods, excluding agrifood, (€479.2M, i.e. + 28.8% in 2008) has enjoyed sustained growth over the past years, in particular in 2008. The sector contributes 12.1% of the region's total export sales with notable growth in the sale of pharmaceutical, perfumery and home maintenance products. The household equipment sector also enjoyed a slight increase.

- Despite an increase in 2007, metal and metal product exportation decreased in 2008 by 14.8%, representing nevertheless 9.5% of Normandy's external trade. 64% of such sales are of non-ferrous metals.

Officially, Normandy ranks in 21st position among French regions. However, this position is somewhat inequitable. Indeed, it fails to take into account businesses whose headquarters are not located in Normandy. If the global export sales figure is considered, the region in fact ranks in 18th position, ahead of the Pays de la Loire and Brittany.
959 exporting companies are located in Normandy On average, export sales represent between 20 and 30% of the total turnover of exporting companies. In a few isolated cases, it exceeds 50%, the maximum being 70%.

From a geographical point of view, the following 6 neighbouring European countries are behind 63% (€2.49Bn) of Normandy's total export sales. Germany (19.1%), Spain (10%), Belgium (10.5%), United Kingdom (9.7%), Italy (8.8%) and the Netherlands (4.8%).
Collectively, the 27 European Union member states receive 78.4% of the region's export sales (the national average being around 60%). The region is in a particularly healthy position within emerging eastern European markets such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania. Of Normandy's 5 priority nations (United States, Russia, China, India and Brazil), only China generates significant export exchange. Normandy's export sales to China have enjoyed continued growth over the past three years.

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