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Foreign clients

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Foreign clients represent 23% of room nights. Camping: Three nationalities occupy 82% of foreign room nights: the Netherlands (44% of room nights), GB (28%), and Germany (10%)
Hotel industry: GB represents 28% of foreign room nights, Belgium (16%), Germany (7%), Italy (6,6%)

Normandy welcomes around 7.7 million tourist room nights per year (7,748,000). 70% of visitors are French residents, whilst foreign visitors occupy the remaining 30% (2.265 million).
Normandy is in 8th place among French regions and in 4th place for short stays.

The number of arrivals from European countries totals 745,090. In number of arrivals, British tourists predominate with 287,753 arrivals, followed by Dutch (136,221) and Belgian (105,852) tourists. The rest of the world totals 117,088 arrivals.

This situation varies depending on the world's economic climate and on events. During periods of crisis or following terrorist attacks in Europe, North American visitor figures fall, whereas the sterling value affects, either positively or negatively, frequentation from the United Kingdom.
As regards the major commemorative events paying tribute to the D-Day Landings, the 65th anniversary celebrations had a considerable impact locally, on sites directly associated with this historic event (Landing beaches where the commemorations took place).
The CRT (Normandy Regional Tourist Board) plans to launch a campaign in 2007 to "reconquer" the British market.


From January to December, 1,014,600 room nights were sold to foreign clients in classified or chain hotels, including:
- Great Britain, 328,718 room nights
- Belgium, 162,314
- United States, 118,440
- Germany, 73,534
- Other countries, 331,594
Number of arrivals (hotels): 557,737

From May to September, 1,067,496 room nights were sold to foreign visitors throughout the region's campsites, including:
- Great Britain, 352,168 nights
- Netherlands, 4769,682
- Germany, 99,323
- Belgium, 87,378
- Other countries, 100,436
Number of arrivals (campsites): 304,440

May to September 2009: 536,000 room nights were sold to foreign clients in rural self-catering rentals (402,000 French visitors;
134,000 foreign visitors)

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