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Groupe ISPA Industrial Plastics Engineering School

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Normandy is home to a vast activity in the plastics industry with:

- renowned expertise,
- an engineering school contributing to the region's
economic development and research teams
involved in international networks

ISPA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics) - Created in 1985 upon the initiative of the Alençon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Fédération de Plasturgie (Plastics Federation), to satisfy the demand for skilled engineers and technical managers in the plastics sector, the Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics (ISPA) trained around 200 production managers to equivalent degree level (4 years further education following the Baccalaureat) until 1993.
Created in 1993, the EIPI has since taken over to train some 350 engineers. The school has been approved by the CTI (National Engineering Titles Commission). Government approval of the ISPA in March 2000 has since enabled students to apply for further education bursaries.
The school's aim is to train production engineers, over a period of 3 years, in the field of plastic matter transformation. Graduates awarded with the Engineering Diploma in Industrial Plastic Production (5 years study after the Baccalaureat) can immediately apply for positions as production unit managers, industrial project managers or industrial engineers and can later aspire to superior management positions.
Engineering training dispensed by ISPA is based on active student participation during course work, tutorials, laboratory and workshop study, together with all other activities within the establishment.
First year engineering students are offered the possibility to continue their engineering training in industrial plastics in combination with work experience. The engineering diploma in plastics is also available via continued professional training.
The school is divided into four teaching units:
- the scientific teaching unit: polymer chemistry and physicochemistry, formulation, characterisation and identification
methods, rheology and thermomechanics, electronics, computer science, mechanics, hydraulics, physics, mathematics.
- technologies and organisation teaching unit: transformation machine processes, tools and equipment, simulation, study of
organisation and production flow management tools, technical drawing and industrial design.
- professional environment teaching unit: communication skills, project management, personnel management, industrial
- supervised projects teaching unit: design and industrialisation, tutoring, monographic publication, innovative or industrial
The EIPI is renowned on a national level and participates in international action not only in the field of training, research & development, but also concerning service provision, hosting and business development.
The ISPA Group also includes ISPA Entreprises which offers:
- continued professional training (tutoring, intra or inter-company training...)
- services to businesses: a Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre (CRITT) and a Technological Resource
Centre (CRT) among two such establishments dedicated to the plastics industry in France.
- to help SMEs to develop their « Research » sector. Technological business intelligence, technical and technico-economic
audits, preindustrial studies, equipment testing, compounding, laboratories, processing/transformation, recycling...
ISPA Entreprises is part of the « Mecaniplast » Technological Platform which reunites 9 specialised training institutions in the field of mechanics and plastics and whose aim it is to serve enterprise.
It also includes a Research Unit working in the following fields: study of surface and interface phenomena, production of mixtures, polymer material reprocessing/recycling, study of transformation relationships and final properties of polymer materials. This units works within a network of university and industrial partners.

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