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Hiking (on foot, on horseback, by bike)

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Thousands of kilometres of marked routes.
On foot, on horseback or by bike, discover Normandy as you please: the blueness of its sea, rivers and streams; the greenness of its prairies and forests; historical treasures and heritage, emotion and adventure throughout its pathways and trails

Hiking, be it on foot, on horseback or by bike (hybrid or mountain bike) reunites sport and discovery and enables enthusiasts to appreciate Normandy's varying landscape.
From the beaches and cliff tops along the northern coastline, to the hills and valleys to the south, Normandy is waiting to be discovered via thousands of kilometres of marked routes, together with mountain biking and horse riding trails. A genuine breath of fresh air!
The Schéma Régional des Véloroutes et des Voies Vertes de Basse-Normandie (regional cycle trail and greenway plan) has been awarded national approval. Horse riding is included in tourist projects throughout the region.

Alone, as a family or in larger groups, walkers are spoilt for choice in Normandy. In CALVADOS there are 5,000km of marked walking routes; 32 topographical guides and 43 walking associations. In MANCHE, over 4,500km of marked walking routes; 2 Regional Natural Parks; 5 natural reserves; 3 sentiers de Grandes Randonnées (G.R) or national long distance paths, G.R 23-Tour du Cotentin-, G.R 22 –Paris-Mont-Saint-Michel (97km), G.R 221-Vallée de la Vire (55km in Manche); 10 sentiers de Grande Randonnée de Pays (G.R.P) or regional long distance paths, round-trips over a few days or a week at the most. In ORNE, 4,000km of adapted pathways; 46 walking routes; 3 G.R.s: G.R 36 –Manche-Pyrénées, G.R 22 –Paris-Mont-Saint-Michel (10km), G.R 22 B and C (variations), G.R 221 and 226 (Suisse Normande); the Comité Départemental de Randonnée Pédestre de l’Orne (Orne Hiking Committee) reunites 9 associations; around 50 topographical guides…
Normandy's Greenways. Gradually emerging and opening out. Hikers, riders, horse drivers, mountain bikers and cyclists all share these former railway tracks and forestry haulage paths, today covering some 250km. 6 Greenways: from Mortain to the Mont-Saint-Michel bay (75km); from Mortain to Domfront (25 km); from the Cotentin in Cambernon to Rocheville (68km); from Pont-l’Êvèque to Saint-André-d’Hébertot (6km); from the Caen canal to the sea (17km); from Falaise to Couliboeuf (7km).

Horse riding enthusiasts are sure to find what they are looking for among the region's 237 riding and pony clubs. Greenways also welcome horse riders and drivers of horse-drawn vehicles. In Manche, the guide "Rando-quide équestre" is available covering routes from the Val de Saire to the Mont-Saint-Michel (350km of pathways) and in 2007, new routes are due to be published, specifically adapted for horse riding and horse-drawn vehicles. In Orne, thirty riding and pony clubs together with 4,000km of adapted riding routes welcome riders for instruction and free or accompanied riding trips.
The PAPAO (Pays d’Argentan Pays d’Auge Ornais) is due to publish (in 2007) a topographical guide for riding routes including 10 round-trips.

Bicycle routes: small and quiet routes have been selected for their picturesque landscapes and the wealth of the sites and locations they cover, from the seafront to intimate valleys.
CALVADOS on the road to a 700km bicycle route development plan. The aim of the plan is to ensure the greatest possible continuity throughout the region's bicycle route network. There are currently 60km of Greenways. Cycling is an increasing priority in Calvados, and cycling holidays are a growth market. Utility and sport bikes are also increasingly popular, hence the necessity to reinforce security. In MANCHE, there are 34 marked bicycle routes each covering around 20km. In ORNE, « L’Orne à vélo » (Orne by bike): 26 round-trip discovery routes throughout the department.

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