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Horse: competitiveness cluster

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France's 1st ranking region for the horse industry: 93,000 heads
18,043 people involved in the horse industry
43% of French thoroughbred breeders
An annual turnover estimated at €600 million
First rate, comprehensive services: stud farms, research, airport, care, training...

Quality pastures, breeding tradition... this is a genuinely emblematic sector in our region. Normandy is the leading French region in terms of the number of equine heads, with a total of 93,000 equidae. Furthermore, the region's horse industry has been certified as a national competitiveness cluster. The territory boasts two National Studs: Le Pin in Orne and Saint-Lô in Manche. Several stud farms have specialised in racehorse breeding (trotting and galloping horses). Normandy is also at the forefront of equine research, thanks to specialised research centres. Normandy will be hosting the World Equestrian Games in the summer of 2014.
To challenge international competition, the Horse Industry Competitiveness Cluster federates talent via dynamic projects... The Horse Industry Competitiveness Cluster reunites French businesses, research centres and higher education and training institutes, all committed to development strategy. The particular aim is to generate synergies via innovative projects associated with a given territory: Normandy. General specificities:
- Calvados is at the forefront of equine research thanks to the IPC (Horse Pathology Institute) which reunites two research teams: the CIRALE (Centre for imaging and research into equine locomotor disorders), which is a constituent unit of the National Veterinary School in Alfort and the LERPE (Equine Pathology Study and Research Laboratory), in turn dependent upon the AFSSA (French Agency for Food Safety); and the Franck Duncombe Laboratory specialising in infectious equine pathologies. The racehorse sector covers more than half of the département's stud farms (trotting and galloping horses). Furthermore, the yearling sales in Deauville have positioned Normandy among the world's leading thoroughbred and trotter markets.
- Manche boasts the highest number of equine heads in France. It is also home to the Selle Français breed. The area produces many a national and international equestrian sport champion. Manche is also the leading département for Normandy Cob and Cotentin donkey breeding.
- Orne specialises in racehorse breeding. It is the leading French département for trotter breeding, ranks in second place for galloping horses and in third place for sport horses. Orne is also home to one of the most emblematic draught horse breeds: the Percheron.
Normandy totals 93,000 equine heads. It is the leading French region in terms of the number of horse breeding farms with 7,800 breeding businesses: 1,800 thoroughbred breeders (43% of total French thoroughbred breeders); 2,780 French trotter breeders (35% of total French Trotter breeders); 2,000 sport horse breeders (23% of total sport horse breeders in France). In Normandy, the département of Calvados has distinguished itself with some €15 million in PMH (racecourse betting stakes). The Deauville racecourse alone totals €7 million.
Employment and training: 18,043 people are involved in the horse industry, including: 5,508 in Calvados, 5,906 in Manche and 6,629 in Orne. Over 6,171 agricultural jobs throughout the region and around 424 indirect jobs (racing companies, blacksmiths...). Normandy currently boasts 12 equine higher education and training sites for a total of 800 trainees/students.
Equestrian activities: In Normandy: 31 racecourses, 130 PMU (betting company) meetings, 363 trotting and galloping horse trainers. Normandy: 20,000 federation members; the best penetration rate with 12.98 members for 1,000 inhabitants; 293 riding centres and over 2,800 competitions organised throughout the region; 197 professional horsemen and horsewomen.
Horse industry-related businesses: in 2008, Normandy totalled 4,400 businesses associated with the horse industry, including: 29 racing companies; 220 veterinary surgeons for 51 veterinary surgeries; 48 producers and distributors of horse feed and 86 horse and rider equipment manufacturers. Annual turnover for the horse industry in Normandy has been estimated at €600 million.

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