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Horse: Training

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Normandy – France's densest horse breeding region, relying on the National Equine Industry Competitiveness Cluster, offers quality training at all levels of the horse industry

Normandy is involved in all of the aspects of the horse industry (sport, leisure, research, crafts, tourism...) reuniting all of the sector's associated professions (breeders, trainers, jockeys, carriage builders, equipment manufacturers...).
The latter have many common aims: developing a quality approach and creating a French « brand name », focusing on veterinary research, creating a resource centre for employment, training and knowledge dissemination, providing support for developing businesses within the sector, reinforcing the overall tourist supply associated with equestrian activities...

- « Horse » training, level V (BEP (Professional Diploma) CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate):
BEPA (Professional Agricultural Diploma) in Equestrian Activities – Training rider, Lad jockey, Lad driver for « Gallopers »: MFR, Vimoutiers and Lad jockey, Lad driver for « Trotters »: MFR, Vimoutiers, Graignes horse racing school - BEPA (Professional Agricultural Diploma) in Equestrian Activities – BEPA in Equestrian Activities – Horse Care and Activity Support for « Equestrian establishments » Graignes horse racing school, LPA, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, MFR, Vimoutiers, CFA, Vire;
BEPA in animal production, « Equine » option: MFR, Balleroy, MFR, Senier-sous-Avranches, LPA, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, MFR, Vimoutiers, LEGTA, Sées;
BEPA in Equestrian Activities – Horse Care and Activity Support for « Equestrian tourism » MFR, Vimoutiers; « Farriery » option: CFPPA, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët; « Race horse training » option: CFA, Sées
CAP Saddler – Harnesser: École Nationale Professionnelle des Haras, Le Pin au Haras; CAP in Equid Care: CFA, Coutances, MFR, Vimoutiers; CAPA (Certificate of Professional Agricultural Aptitude) Lad-driver and Lad-jockey: Graignes horse racing school
- Level IV « Horse » training -Baccalaureat, BT (Technical Diploma), BTA (Technical Agricultural Diploma), BP (Professional Diploma)…: Professional Baccalaureat in Agricultural firm management, « horse production » option: CFA, Sées, IREO, Argentan, LPA, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët; BP in Agriculture – Breeding « Horse » option: CFPPA, Sées
BP JEPS* CSO, dressage, complete: DRJS (Regional Directorate for Youth and Sport), Caen, CFA, Sées (*Professional Diploma in Youth, Popular Education and Sport – Horse Show Jumping Competition); BP JEPS* Horse riding « harnessing » (Instructor) option: École Nationale Professionnelle des Haras, Le Pin au Haras; BP JEPS* horse riding option: AAFR La Renarderie, Mesnil-Clinchamps
BTM* in Equestrian Activities, « Farriery » option: CFPPA, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët (*Professional Technical Diploma)
Professional Baccalaureat CGEA, equine breeding: MFR in Granville.
- Level III « Horse » training - BTS (Technical Diploma), DUT (University technical diploma), DEUG (Two-year degree course)…:
BTSA (Technical Agricultural Diploma) in Animal Production « equine » option: CFA, Sées; BTSA Agricultural firm analysis and management « equine » option: IREO, Condé-sur-Vire
BTS (Technical Diploma) in animal production, equine option: EPLEFPA le Robillard in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives ; BTS ASCE, equine option; MFR in Granville.
- Level II « Horse » training (Engineer, Grandes Ecoles, University...):
Professional Degree in Management of horse industry-related businesses: LEGTA, Sées
The CIRALE , an integral part of the Alfort National Veterinary School, provides education and training for 3rd cycle students choosing further professional education in the equine field. The CIRALE also ensures training towards two DESVs (Diploma in Specialised Veterinary Studies) in locomotor pathologies among horses.

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