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IAE (Institute of Business Administration)

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The IAE: a Business School close at hand, benefiting from University expertise
The IAE aspires to excellence in the field of management research

Close ties with enterprise

Normandy's premium management centre, the IAE de Caen was inaugurated in 1956. From its very creation, the institute has developed and diversified its teaching programmes to specifically satisfy demands from the business world. Whilst preserving its key diploma: the DESS CAAE (Business Administration Aptitude Certificate) ) today an MAE (Master in Business Administration), the IAE de Caen has developed its training offer and now provides a vast range of first to third cycle diplomas, specialising in a variety of fields such as marketing, human resources, finance or production management.
The IAE has two main missions:
- Positioning itself as one of France's major management research centres. The institute comprises a team of 75 researchers
from the CIME (Caen Innovation Marché Entreprise), Normandy's premium research network.
- Contributing to the professional fulfilment of future decision-makers, within a framework of initial and continued education
and training, by preparing them to anticipate and tackle the economic evolution of businesses.
The IAE de Caen is particularly attentive to the QUALITY of its training programmes and demonstrates a strong commitment to INNOVATION.
In 1996, the institute was the first in Europe to offer 100% on-line programmes, based on videoconferencing and up-to-the-minute Internet technology. In 1995 and 1997, research units were set up to develop links with businesses and researchers and to provide students with training programmes integrating the latest in research developments. An electronic digital portfolio was created in 2003, facilitating the integration of young graduates, and the IAE contributed to the creation of a Polytechnicum, a genuine ICT-based portal, in partnership with consular schools and university institutions throughout Normandy. In 2006, the IAE was awarded with "Qualicert" accreditation. The quality of the school's e-learning modules was acknowledged in 2007.
Popular training programmes among students and close links with businesses:
The institute's innovation-based strategy together with its constant commitment to quality have attracted students and businesses alike.
Training programmes take place: in France or abroad; through distance or face-to-face learning; through apprenticeship; part-time or full-time. The IAE is a university institution and, as such, benefits from excellent international standing. Students may choose to study part of their course abroad and the IAE is currently developing a number of exchange partnerships (Atrium, exchange programmes...) Teaching by renowned experts. Extensive use of ICT: electronic digital portfolio, Intranet, language laboratory and e-learning are all tools that are regularly used by students.
The IAE has developed close links with businesses thanks to successive and numerous efforts by professionals, to the accomplishment of solid projects based on specific business situations and to partnerships with major companies such as KPMG and Solving International.
The IAE today:
- over 1,800 students
- 28 training courses
- training dispensed throughout over 40 countries
- 75 researchers
- over 200 professional speakers/lecturers
- 230 publications over the past 4 years...

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