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In Normandy, 20 business incubators provide:
- Temporary accommodation for young businesses
- Preferential rent
- Specialised advice and services
- Events (meetings, conferences...)
- Assistance in business development and stability

A business incubator is a structure which welcomes, accommodates, accompanies and supports project initiators and enterprise creators.
Its aim is to promote and reinforce the chances for success of such business projects, from their development to their integration within the local economic fabric. Business incubators offer a range of services, at shared prices and in conformity with the French AFNOR NF X50-770 standard.
- Accommodation: office space is made available to businesses for a limited period of 48 months. They also benefit from
shared infrastructures (reception, fully equipped meeting rooms, cafeteria...)
- Hospitality and business services: businesses benefit from shared services such as: fax, photocopy, mail, telephone
answering service, secretarial assistance...
- Consultancy: easy access to consultants from a variety of fields: legal, accountancy, taxation, banking, sales,
management, technological development...Often resulting from partnerships generated around the Incubator.
- Coaching: the Incubator manager accompanies projects, before, during and after business creation. He/she manages the
structure, encourages exchange between businesses and ensures the Incubator's marketing. He/she organises meetings
and conferences on given themes and puts accommodated projects in touch with a network of business experts (bankers,
chartered accountants, lawyers, institutional experts...)

Each incubator defines its own selection criteria for the projects it accommodates. They generally include intellectual design activities, nuisance-free high-tech manufacturing and activities linked to information and communication technologies.

Incubators provide accommodation solutions within modern, functional premises, perfectly adapted to suit the needs of new or young businesses, at preferential rental rates for a period of up to 23 months.

Calvados : Émergence in Caen – Iliade in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (over 100 businesses since 2000, 150 jobs created) - CIDE 14 (Business Initiative and Development Centre) in Lisieux (Lisieux and Pays d’Auge incubator: 70 businesses since 1992) – Currently under development: Nautical enterprise incubator within the Caen conurbation (part of the Norlanda programme) .

Manche : Sygma Énergies 50 in Cherbourg-Octeville (220 businesses in 15 years) - Pépinière du Pays Granvillais (12 businesses since 2000) - Saint-Lô Développement manages three incubators each accompanying different sectors of activity: Saint-Lô Starter (19 businesses since 2000) - La Capelle Incubator in Saint-Lô (4 businesses since its creation) – Saint-Lô Community of Communes Agrifood Incubator (5 businesses since 1993) - Saint-Lô Craftsmanship Incubator - Saint-James Incubator (20 businesses welcomed since 2000).

Orne : CCEO (Orne Business Creation Centre) in Flers (54 businesses from 1986 to late 2004)

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