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3,735 available places in Normandy's nurseries

Collective day nurseries provide 41% of available places followed by family day nurseries* with over 1,000 places and day care centres with 815 places

Throughout the region, nursery availability varies considerably from one geographical department to another. Calvados, an essentially urban department, concentrates the region's highest proportion of child care availability, independently of the type of care. Within departments themselves, the child care supply is relatively heterogeneous, urban areas generally concentrating the highest proportion of available places. Hence, for Calvados, around 75% of the department's available places are within the district of Caen.

Number of places at 01-01-06 by type of establishment - equipment rate
Collective day nurseries:
1,655 places in Normandy; 971 in Calvados, 465 in Manche and 219 in Orne.
Parent-run nurseries:
150 places in Normandy; 138 in Calvados, 12 in Manche and 0 in Orne.
Day care centres:
815 places in Normandy; 430 in Calvados, 135 in Manche and 250 in Orne.
Parent-run day care centres:
108 places in Normandy; 105 in Calvados, 3 in Manche and 0 in Orne.
A flexible welcome: 85 in Normandy: 0 in Calvados, 35 in Manche and 50 in Orne.

For 1,000 infants (born over the last three years)
Day centres and kindergartens:
13 in Normandy; 0 in Calvados, 13 in Manche and 0 in Orne.
Family day nurseries (places): 854 in Normandy: 380 in Calvados, 330 in Manche and 144 in Orne
Family day nurseries (number of registered infants): 1,153 in Normandy: 482 in Calvados, 508 in Manche and 163 Orne.
Privately employed child minders: 8,594 in Normandy: 3,914 in Calvados, 3,263 in Manche and 1,471 in Orne.

Collective day nurseries: day care centres for infants aged under 3 years. They can be traditional (district or company nurseries), mini-nurseries (in apartments, houses or local welfare premises) or parent-run (parent associations).
Family day nurseries: a group of registered childminders employed by a municipality (town council), a local authority or association and supervised by a nursery nurse.
Day care centres: establishments designed for occasional daytime childminding for children aged under 6 years.
Kindergartens: collective nurseries welcoming children from age 2 to 6 and providing, over and above basic childminding, pre-school preparation.

(*) Equipment rate: number of places divided by the number of infants born during the past 3 years. The equipment rate is expressed as the number of places for 1,000 infants aged under 3 years.

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