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Institutions bound by contract

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1 establishment linked to the University of Caen by convention agreement:

(National Superior School of Engineering)

ENSICAEN (National Superior School of Engineering) - 6 Boulevard Maréchal Juin – 14050 CAEN 04
ENSICAEN was not made in a day: its story is indisputably linked to that of Caen University. The school is a distant relative and successor of the Institute of Applied Science (ISA) created in 1911/1912. The scission of the ISA led to the creation of the Normandy Technical Institute (ITN) in 1914, then to the Caen Chemistry Institute (ICC) in 1922. In 1960, the ITN became the ITUC (Caen University Technical Institute), later to become the National Superior Electronic and Electrotechnical School of Caen (ENSEEC) in 1964. The ICC was transformed in 1967, with the creation of the National Superior Chemistry School of Caen (ENSCC). The latter two schools merged in 1976 to become, following a decree dated 9th December 1976, the Institute of Matter and Radiation Science (ISMRA), forming an Education and Research Unit by special dispensation. A further decree, dated March 1986, transformed the ISMRA into a Public Institution of Administrative Nature attached by contract to the University of Caen. This EPCA status vested the institute with legal personality and financial independence. An agreement signed in 1987 set down the rules governing the school's cooperation with the University of Caen.
In October 2002, the ISMRA changed its name, by ministerial decree, to become ENSICAEN, Caen's National Graduate School of Engineering and Research Centre.

ENSICAEN is a member of the ENSI group and 80% of student recruitment is via the national engineering school entrance competition, the Concours Commun Polytechnique. In 2001, the Engineering Titles Commission authorised the school to deliver engineering diplomas in four specialised fields: Electronics and Applied Physics, Computer Science, Materials and Chemistry, and Industrial Engineering (in partnership with the ITII). This authorisation was renewed in 2007 for a period of 6 years.
ENSICAEN is a public higher education institution offering initial higher education in 4 specialised fields, with a choice of 9 main subjects as early as the second year:
- Electronics and Applied Physics
- Computer science (block-release in monetics and system security)
- Materials-Chemistry
- Material Mechanics and Engineering (block-release course) and a 5th specialised continuing education course in partnership with the ITII
- Industrial Engineering
All of these specialised courses have been accredited by the Engineering Titles Commission (CTI).

ENSICAEN also offers three, Conférence des Grandes Écoles accredited specialised Masters Degrees (TDI - Decisional Information Processing, MINSYS – Microelectronics System Design and Technology and MTS – Monetics and Secure Transactions), together with Continuing Education programmes and Masters Research degrees co-accredited with the University of Caen.
ENSICAEN is a member of the Conférence des Directeurs des Écoles Françaises d'Ingénieurs (CDEFI) and the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, and of networks of excellence in each of its specialised fields.
The school's great wealth, which is also its strength, lies in the extremely dynamic interaction between education & training, research & development and industrial collaboration. With a total of 700 students, its research centre and the quality of its courses, ENSICAEN is among France's most reputed Grandes Écoles in engineering.