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ITT (Industrial Engineering Techniques Institute)

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Upon an initiative by the UIMM (Member of the ITII Conference), the ITII is the only school dispensing training combined with work experience, including a mechanical production engineering diploma in direct partnership with businesses and an engineering school, ENSICAEN

The ITII - Industrial Engineering Techniques Institute of Normandy
Created upon the initiative of the Calvados, Manche and Orne branches of the UIMM (Union of Metallurgy Industries and Trades) and in partnership with:
- ENSICAEN, the National Superior School of Engineering which awards the diploma and
- the University of Caen
The Normandy ITII is a member of the "Conférence des ITII" which reunites 23 similar establishments on a national level.
Continuous education. The Engineering Titles Commission has approved the project to direct the course towards an Industrial Engineering speciality. As from the 2008 acacdemic year, the final diploma will be entitled "ENSICAEN Engineering Diploma, speciality Industrial Engineering in partnership with the ITII de Basse-Normandie".
At the 31st of December 2007, the success rate was 100% over the ten first years qualifying a total of 137 engineers.
Breakdown of student qualifications before ITII application: Others (20%), DUT (University technical diploma) in Physical Measurements (19%), DUT in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (12%), BTS (Technical Diploma) in Industrial Maintenance (11%), BTS in Electronics (10%), BTS in Mechanics and Industrial Automation (9%), BTS in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (8%), BTS in Mechanical Manufacturing (6%), BTS Study and Realisation of Special equipment and tools (5%).
Continuing education dispensed at the ITII (Industrial Engineering Techniques Institute) prepares candidates for engineering or executive positions.x
Training is aimed at technicians in salaried employment or unemployed holders of a further education diploma (2 years study after the Baccalaureat), for example BTS (Technical Diploma), industrial-related DUT (University technical diploma or equivalent) or VAE (Accreditation for work experience). Engineering trainees receive technological teaching and high level management training, preparing them for a career as engineers, perfectly capable of finding innovative solutions and contributing to a variety of functions within their company (study, methods, manufacturing, maintenance...). They are also capable of providing the interface between the aforementioned company activities.
Training leads to the title of Qualified Engineer. Since November 2004, the CTI (Engineering Titles Commission) has standardised all engineering diploma titles and ENSICAEN is certified to award the continuing education and training diploma entitled « Qualified Engineer from the National Superior Engineering School of Caen, specialising in mechanics » in partnership with the Normandy ITII. This diploma is therefore awarded by ENSICAEN. It involves 6 teaching modules (mechanical engineering; measurement control; electrical engineering; computer engineering; computer integrated manufacturing; construction technology and automation; supervision and methods).
The course should enable trainees to develop:
- scientific knowledge and technical skills
- command of engineering methods and tools
- the capacity to integrate an organisation and to contribute to its vitality and its progress, to lead and supervise within the
- to appreciate economic stakes, societal and society values
- the capacity to work in an international environment
After training, ITII engineers are expected to be capable of:
- Implementing methods and methodologies,
- Demonstrating command in a field of technical skills,
- Occupying a supervisory role within the company

mechanical and material engineering, applied physics, industrial electricity and electronics, industrial computing and automation, production management, management and communication.

Pedagogical partners: ENSICAEN, University of Caen, Institut Lemonnier (college) in Caen, ISPA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics), INS (Normandy Soldering Institute) in Caen, Lycée Jules Verne (college) in Mondeville.
Professional branches: UIMM
Institutional partner: Normandy Regional Council
Associative partner: ANAI (Association of ITII former students).

  • Etudiant en formation à l'ITII de Basse-Normandie
  • Filières bacheliers 2005
  • Ingénieurs diplômés de l'ITII de Basse-Normandie