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Logistics / National competitiveness cluster

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"Nov@log", a unique competitiveness cluster devoted exclusively to logistics. 3 fields of strategic action:
freight safety/security, traceability of freight and information systems, sustainable development
around 80 certified R&D projects (for a total investment of €110 million)

Within an ever-increasingly competitive worldwide economy, France launched, in 2004, a new industrial policy aimed at mobilising the key ingredients for competitiveness, the most important of which being the capacity to innovate. Subsequent to the CIADT (interministerial committee for regional planning and development) held on the 11th of May 2010, during which the French government announced the certification of the 13 competitiveness clusters due for reconfiguration, Nov@log successfully maintained its label. Nov@log is in the form of an association: since 2005, the logistics competitiveness cluster in Upper Normandy was administratively run by the Logistique Seine-Normandie association. The cluster adopted the name Nov@log in 2007 and its governance was naturally rendered independent from Logistique Seine-Normandie, whose vocation is quite different in terms of support and coordination for businesses in the logistics sector. Officially inaugurated in Le Havre on the 25th of October, the date that marked Nov@log's inaugural General Meeting as an association according to the French law of 1901, the cluster now has its own structure and its own governance. The strong links that have been forged between the logistics sector and its competitiveness cluster will be maintained in the best interests of logistics development. Thanks to its new configuration, Nov@log will be striving to structure French logistics research at the heart of the "Axe Seine" (the territory covered by the River Seine), whilst placing priority on generating added value for businesses (small and medium-sized) together with research strategy among major groups.
Nov@log is France's only logistics competitiveness cluster. It consequently plays an essential role for business competitiveness and for developing logistics innovation and research in France and throughout Europe, through support for businesses which are willing to invest in the development of this sector of activity. Nov@log aims in particular at imagining tomorrow's logistics sector and supply chain. The cluster is committed to developing the following themes:
- Via its fields of strategic action (DAS): safety-security, traceability and information systems, sustainable development in logistics;
- Via its fields of activity: international logistics and transport intermodality, organising distribution traceability, in particular for urban deliveries, industrial organisation and logistic processes.
Competitiveness in logistics can be defined in terms of reliability (command of associated technologies), efficiency (command of costs and flow management) and efficacy (command of timescales/deadlines).
As a competitiveness cluster, Nov@log plays an essential role in developing both business competitiveness and innovation. It places particular priority on developing tomorrow's logistics services and systems and at offering international exposure to logistics research skills. Nov@log accompanies businesses throughout their R&D and innovation projects to help boost their competitiveness, advises them in order to ensure that their projects are both certified and funded, and puts them in touch with expert research teams. Solid projects with promising innovation prospects... :
Via its research themes, the Nov@log competitiveness cluster is currently supporting a number of different innovative projects in the logistics field, be they centred on NICT or logistic organisation. Via its three Strategic Fields of Action (DAS) focusing on traceability, supply chain safety-security and on sustainable development. The number of R&D projects, which have considerably contributed towards the competitiveness cluster's excellent score, is also impressive since, to date, around 80 projects have been certified for a total investment of €110 million.
A few projects recently certified by Nov@log and funded: AM4D-L, E-MARITIME, TACITES, INTRADE

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