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Logistics: Caen

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- Strong development of logistic activity in the Caen
- Excellent accessibility for a conurbation of this size
(road, rail, sea, air)
- Direct motorway access to the A13, 184 and the
future A88 for national and international traffic


- Direct motorway access to the A13 ("Normandy" motorway), A84 ("Estuaries" motorway) and coming soon, the A88
(Calais—Bayonne link)
- Caen-Ouistreham trading port
- SNCF railway station in Caen
- Railway access for certain companies
- Freight airport


The proximity of the Paris Basin via the A13 motorway, together with access to the European north-south axis via the A84 and the future A88, offer this town and its conurbation an advantageous location and an excellent potential for economic exchange on a European and international scale.

Caen has many advantages for the successful development of enterprise. Logistics are essential in determining the choice of the most appropriate location.
Normandy's concentration of agrifood industries naturally places Caen in an excellent position for logistic activities in the fresh and ultra-fresh goods sector.


The GROUPE MALHERBE has 6 warehouses in France, 2 of which are on the outskirts of Caen: Carpiquet, 15,000m2 – Rots 3,000m2.
LETNA, located in Cormelles-le-Royal on the former Moulinex factory site (renamed Logistic Valley), has over 100,000m2 of storage space more than half of which is linked to the railway network.
Since April 2006, LETNA has provided the DECATHLON sports store with its new north-west platform covering some 27,000m2.

With a surface area of 4,500m2, TRANS'LOG in Mondeville ensures logistics for cleaning, degreasing, industrial packaging dusting and plastic containers for the automobile industry.

Again based in Mondeville, NOYON LOGISTIQUE with 30,000m2 throughout the region; physical and information flow, management and cleaning of durable packaging (plastic containers), advanced supplier stores ("M.A.F.").

TRANSCAL in Cormelles-le-Royal, EURO-LOGISTIC in Mondeville, ATLANTIQUE DE LOGISTIQUE in Bourguébus, SOTRALE in Grentheville, NORMATRANS 15,700m2 in Grentheville...

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