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Logistics: Cherbourg

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Cherbourg-Octeville, one of Normandy's port towns
A commercial and ferry port located only 10 miles from the "Channel shipping lane" used by 500 ships each day
An employment market of 200,000 inhabitants
Multimodality (road/rail, sea, air)
Infrastructures to suit all types of traffic


Facility managed by Port de Cherbourg SAS:

- The leading deep-water port in the Northern Range, just 20 hours from Antwerp and Rotterdam and 40 hours from Hamburg.
- Guaranteed accessibility from the sea at all times and in all weather conditions
- A transhipment hub specialising in bulk loads
- Infrastructures to suit all types of traffic
- Available land with high development potential ready to welcome new logistics activities
- Technical services (roadstead or quayside bunkering, naval repair using a 4,500 tonne ship elevator)
- A refrigerated warehouse with a storage capacity of approximately 2,500 pallets
- Cross Channel freight (tonnage in 2008: 2.5 million tonnes)
- Rail accessibility (Cherbourg - Paris line)
- Road network accessibility via the RN13 (dual carriageway upgraded to motorway standard)


- Container Link Cherbourg (Mesguen Group): industrial freight, consolidated or break-bulk shipment, to and from the United Kingdom and Ireland. 10,000m2 controlled temperature warehouse
- Noyon: Warehousing and surface area rental, order preparation and packaging, stock management, supply and distribution, management and cleaning of sustainable packaging (plastic containers).
- Mainco Logistique: Logistic activities, trade purchasing, industrial packaging, transport services, metrology, spare parts specification.


- SN Cherbourg Maritime (SDV Group): shipping agent, consignment, stevedoring, commissioning and transport
- Worms: shipping agent, consignment
- Cross Channel ferry companies: Brittany Ferries, Irish Ferries, Celtic Link

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