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Machine and equipment manufacture

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Normandy's machine and equipment manufacture represents a fabric of highly skilled SMEs and major groups, employing over 6,000 salaried workers

Sub-group belonging to the mechanical engineering sector, machine and equipment manufacture includes the following fields: Manufacture of mechanical equipment,
Manufacture of machines for general use,
Manufacture of agricultural machines,
Manufacture of machine tools,
Manufacture of other machines for specific use,
Manufacture of arms and ammunition,
Manufacture of electrical appliances.

The machine and equipment manufacturing sector totals 397 establishments (i.e. 31% of the total mechanical engineering sector), 16.6% of which employ over 20 salaried workers (i.e. 66 establishments) whilst the region's industrial average is 11%.

The machine and equipment manufacturing sector reunites 5,907 salaried workers (3,421 of whom are employed within firms with over 20 salaried workers), i.e. 19.1% of Normandy's mechanical engineering employment market and approximately 7.1% of Normandy's total industrial employment market.
Manufacture of mechanical equipment: 25 establishments, 863 salaried jobs.
Manufacture of machines for general use: 126 establishments, 2,347 salaried jobs (i.e. 39.7% of total employment in the machine and equipment manufacturing sector).
Manufacture of agricultural machines: 145 establishments, 632 salaried jobs.
Manufacture of machine tools: 13 establishments, 256 salaried jobs.
Manufacture of other machines for specific use: 76 establishments, 1,400 salaried jobs
Manufacture of arms and ammunition: 3 establishments,18 salaried worked.
Manufacture of electrical appliances: 9 establishments, 391 salaried jobs.

Manufacture of mechanical equipment: Tokheim Sofitam Applications in Grentheville (245 salaried workers) and Timken Industries in Moult (94 salaried workers).
Manufacture of machines for general use: Févi International in La Vespière (129 salaried workers), Cermex in Lisieux (100 salaried workers), Guérin Filtres Métalliques in Condé-sur-Vire (66 salaried workers) and Filtrauto in Vire (417 salaried workers).
Manufacture of agricultural machines: Lenormand in Periers (50 salaried workers) and Titan France in Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers (115 salaried workers).
Manufacture of machine tools: Lurem Machine à Bois in Domfront (117 salaried workers) and Thibaut in Vire (103 salaried workers).
Manufacture of other machines for specific use: Seropa in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (34 salaried workers), Wagon Automotive in Sainte-Gauburge-Sainte-Colombe (171 salaried workers) and Mécachimie in Beaumont-Hague (164 salaried workers).

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