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Manche (Essential economic data)

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A GDP of 10.706 billion euros
26,318 establishments
145,819 salaried jobs
Predominant agricultural production (vegetables in particular) and transformation
Naval construction concentrated around Cherbourg, nuclear energy around La Hague.

The department's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is 10,706 million euros. The GDP per inhabitant is 21,767 euros and the GDP per job is 56,588 euros (in 2005).
79% of the Manche department's surface area is devoted to agriculture.
The department is essentially made up of bocage landscape, bearing witness to traditional activities. Over 50% of the surface area used for agriculture or agricultural production concentrate dairy and beef activities.
Manche is bordered by a vast coastal zone with one out of six communes located on the seafront. This attractive zone reunites vegetable production, shellfish farming, port activities and tourism.

The Manche department is home to a third of Normandy's total industrial employment market and the stability of its industrial employment figures is noteworthy. The agrifood industry is well established :Maîtres laitiers du Cotentin in Sottevast, SIC Normandie Bretagne (Socopa) in Coutances, SOLECO in Lessay, ELVIR in Condé-sur-Vire, Alliance Océane in Carentan, AIM in Sainte-Cécile. Manche is also home to a variety of other expanding industry sectors: Lecapitaine in Saint-Lô, Jean Chéreau in Val-Saint-Père, and in Ducey) ; Donaldson in Domjean; luxury textile manufacturers (Saint-James Woollens, Louis Vuitton in Juilley); cardboard production (Otor in Saint-Amand, Alliora in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët).

Number of salaried jobs in industry at 31st December 2007: 32,131. In 2006, industry represented 19.3% of the total employment market.Energy, naval construction, minerals: 10,282 salaried workers, i.e. 32% of industrial jobs
Agribusiness: 6,747 salaried workers, i.e. 21% of industrial jobs
Household appliances, electricity, electronics: 3,855 salaried workers, i.e. 12% of industrial jobs

Export: 616 million euros in 2005 Import: 468 million euros
Export: 708 million euros in 2006 Import: 637 million euros
Export : 732 million euros in 2007 Import : 697 million euros
Export : 875 million euros in 2008 Import : 701 million euros

Leading export companies : Jean Chéreau SAS, Elvir, Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin, Sirec, Sofivo, Armor protéines, Électropoli, SOLECO, AIM Groupe, Lesaffre Ingredients Services, Verrerie d'Art Aurys, Compagnie Laitière Normandie Bretagne, Prim co, OMG Group Ultra Pure Chemicals SAS, Les Viviers du Cap, Pinteaux Renet, Alliance Océane, Général au service du cheval, Donaldson, SA Délicelait, Lecapitaine, Elvia Printed circuit boards, Maisonneuve Keg, Tricots Saint-James, Pyral...
Main exported products: Electrical devices, dairy products and ice cream, diverse food industry products, products for motor vehicle construction...
Main export destinations: Germany, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain...

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