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Manche Numérique

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With 1,300km of fibre optic already installed, Manche Numérique is continuing its innovation efforts in favour of all of the département's inhabitants without exception!
Around €24M have been invested in the BUS (Universal Service Backbone) project for the digital network

As early as 1995, Manche was looking to rapidly equip its territory with major value-adding infrastructures aimed at satisfying the challenges involved in territorial development and the deployment of information and communication technology (ICT). The Manche département is one of the first areas to have offered broadband telecommunication access as a public service .

In 2000, the council decided to develop its own fibre optic broadband infrastructure. Manche Numérique represents towns, communities of communes and the entire département. Consequence: essentially a rural area, Manche can nevertheless be proud of the fact that 99.92% of its population now has access to broadband. And 94% of its households also benefit from the advantages of local loop unbundling.
In technical terms, the mission was entrusted via a public service delegation to Manche Télécom, a company created for a fifteen-year period and held by the telecommunications operator SFR (70%) and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (Deposit and Consignment Office) (30%).
Its mission:
- to deploy infrastructures, design, run, fund and complete the BUS (universal service backbone) network, in an aim to marketing services among potential users.
The challenge facing Manche Télécom :
- to deploy ADSL and WiFi services throughout the territory offering the best possible competitive conditions, with no territorial discrimination.
Already a winning bet: from a total of 280,000 telephone lines across 148 telephone exchanges, 260,000 lines have been unbundled from 136 exchanges. And Manche Numérique is looking to fund satellite facilities for inhabitants living in, as yet, inaccessible zones. Hence Manche's position as one of the leading areas in terms of digital development and competitive services with a total of five ADSL operators (France Télécom, SFR, Free, Completel and Bouygues Télécom) and two WiFi operators (Idylle Telecom and West-Telecom).
Manche Numérique is continuing its innovation efforts in favour of all of the département's inhabitants without exception!

With its 1,300km fibre optic network for broadband access, Manche is one of France's densest départements in the field.

Around €24M have been invested in the BUS project which constitutes the "backbone" of the digital network. The project is funded by the Manche Council, via European structural funds (grants for legal and technical-economic studies and a share of investment).

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