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Mechanical ingineering

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Mechanical engineering in Normandy represents: - 1,300 establishments
- around 30,729 employees
Growth of around 10% in 6 years for firms employing over 20 salaried workers.
5 research labs working on associated issues

The sector includes: metallurgy, metalwork, machine and equipment manufacture, automobile, manufacture of other materials for transport.

The mechanical engineering sector totals 1,276 establishments, 360 of which employ over 20 salaried workers.
Metallurgy: 18 establishments (8 of which employ over salaried workers).
Metalwork: 689 establishments (193 of which employ over 20 salaried workers).
Machine and equipment manufacture: 389 establishments (111 of which employ over 20 salaried workers).
Motor industry: 87 establishments (35 of which employ over 20 salaried workers).
Other materials for transport: 93 establishments (13 of which employ over 20 salaried workers).

The mechanical engineering sector totals 30,729 salaried jobs (33% of the region's total industrial employment).
Metallurgy: 1,212 salaried jobs
Metalwork: 11,405 salaried jobs
Machine and equipment manufacture: 5,743 salaried jobs
Motor industry: 10,583 salaried jobs
Other materials for transport: 1,786 salaried jobs

Laboratories affiliated with ENSICAEN (National Superior School of Engineering):
The GREYC's (Caen Research Group in Computer Science, Imaging, Automation and Instrumentation) automation team works on industrial processes, software sensors and supervision systems.
The CRISMAT (Crystallography and material science laboratory) works on new materials.
The CNRT « Matériaux » (National Centre for Technological Research on new Materials) establishes strong links between fundamental research (new materials) and industry. Laboratories affiliated with the University of Caen:
The LRPMN (Research Laboratory on New Material Properties), within the Alençon Technical Institute, works on nanocomposite materials.
The LUSAC (Cherbourg University Laboratory for Applied Sciences), within the Cherbourg engineering school, works on « systems and information » (industrial imaging…) and « components and materials » (controls, sensors…)

MAIN BUSINESSES (refer also to page A 05 08 00)
Metallurgy: KME Brass France SAS in Rai (370 salaried workers), Scop Pamco foundry in Pontchardon (196 salaried workers), Howmet SAS in Dives-sur-Mer (350 salaried workers)…
Manufacture of other materials: CMN (Normandy Mechanical Construction) in Cherbourg (450 salaried workers), ACE in Querqueville (400 salaried workers)...
Not forgetting: Thibaut SAS (125 salaried workers) and Filtrauto in Vire ( 412 salaried workers), Réel SAS in Beaumont Hague (105 salaried workers), Dresser Flow Solutions-Masoneilan in Condé-sur-noireau (340 salaried workers) and Acument Global Technologies in La Ferté-Fresnel (330 salaried workers).

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